Top Questions To Ask Your Potential Client


Potential clients often have an abundance of questions for vendors before making their decisions and reaching an agreement.

However, it’s important as a vendor to ask the potential client some questions as well in order to understand their needs to best determine if you will be the right fit for their event.

We put together this helpful list of questions to ask a potential client before reaching an agreement for their event!

Do you have your event date and location?

It’s always important to start out knowing the facts and what has already been determined. Understanding a solid event date AND location can help you to determine if this client is a fit within your own schedule. Are you available on their date? Is it a short time frame? Can you make it work?

Is the venue a venue you have worked at before? Do you have a relationship with this venue? Do you need to check it out in advance?

What’s your budget?

Understanding a client’s budget is crucial to your own agreement, should you reach one. How much a client has budgeted for their event and for your services will help you to determine how you can best work together.

If your client comes in with a much lower budget in comparison to what they are looking for from you, now is the time to have that conversation, before attempting to reach an agreement on services.

Do you already have ideas in mind?

Today’s clients will likely come in with ideas in mind for what they are looking for from you, which is important to note before beginning to work with them. Ideas from Pinterest and Instagram are terrific but are they in line with what you do? Are these visions in line with your client’s budget?

Are you working with a planner or day-of coordinator?

It’s always best to note who your client may be working with to plan their event. If the client is working with a planner or day-of coordinator, it is likely that you would be coordinating details with them at various points in the planning process which is something you would need to know and would like to know upfront.

How do you like to work?

Communication and how a client expects to work with their vendors is worth addressing in advance. Do they prefer email, text, FaceTime, or phone calls? In-person meetings? Are their styles of communication in line with the way you like to work?

Asking questions and having these important conversations with potential clients in advance will help you both to determine if reaching an agreement is in the best interest of both parties.