The Difference Between An Escort Card & A Place Card

Quite often the terms “escort card” and “place card” are used interchangeably but they actually hold different meanings and serve separate purposes for your event.

So what is an Escort Card?

An escort card is traditionally the little card beautifully arranged on a display table at the entrance of an event which contains the guest’s name and table assignment.

The escort card will guide you to your table number.


Photo source: Gourmet Advisory Services

What is a Place Card?

A place card is used when an event has assigned seating which means seating guests not only at specific tables but at a specific seat at the specified table.

The place card is strategically placed by the specific chair each guest is assigned.

While traditional escort cards and place cards are still widely used and the most popular, there are other creative ways of letting guests know where they will be sitting.

Consider displaying a large seating chart at the entrance to your party. Or, make use of technology by projecting guests’ names and table numbers onto a large-screen monitor (you can inquire about this option with your venue or DJ/entertainment company).

Escort cards and place cards need not be cards at all!

How about this use of dominos as a way to let guests know where they will be sitting?


Photo credit : Krystal Zaskey Photography

We have dedicated an entire board on pinterest to our favorite place card/escort card styles and options so be sure to check them out for some inspiration!


How AllSeated helps you create your cards:

Once you have designed your floor plans and arranged your seating, the details can be easily exported to send to your vendors to create your escort cards and place cards.