The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

By Sandy Hammer Co-Founder & CMO, AllSeated

Although sometimes considered overwhelming, the proliferation in technology and platforms available today has provided business owners with multiple opportunities to market their business, service and offerings to the widest range of audience’s possible. These platforms, such as websites, blogs, social media networks, and email marketing programs, are complimentary to the traditional mediums used for marketing like print mailers and fliers.

This is what we call Multi-Channel Marketing. Many businesses today use this marketing tactic as a way to increase the reach of their marketing messages by promoting it through the use of multiple channels, hence the name: multi-channel marketing.

If you’re a savvy business professional, I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’re seeing this term either. But for those of us wondering what multi-channel marketing is and what benefits come with it, we answered those questions below.

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

HubSpot describes it in the simplest of terms by stating: “multi-channel marketing is defined by many organizations, unsurprisingly, as communicating with and marketing to prospects and customers across many channels, including online and offline”.

This means that instead of promoting a single seasonal campaign using one marketing tactic, (like print advertisements or email), marketers today are using both… and then some. For example, a flier hung in your store is also present on your website, social media channels, emailed to your subscriber list and maybe even directly mailed to a few customers if you’ve found success using that tactic before.

Multi-channel marketing is most successful when you’ve done diligent research on the platforms and mediums that your target audience is actively using and engaging on. If you’re going to invest time and effort, you might as well use it on the avenues that will provide a return, right?

The Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing

Because the name of the game in multi-channel marketing is to be present on more than one “channel”, this expands your brand’s visibility further than ever before. It provides the opportunity to reach more individuals, create new relationships, and in turn sell more business.

Implementing a cohesive and consistent multi-channel marketing experience will also keep your brand top of mind for prospects and potential clients who continue to see your brand both online and off. This will propel them to turn to you when they are in need of your services, and you will be there for them when they do!