Technology In The Wedding World

It’s always interesting for us to get an inside look at how event professionals are utilizing technology to plan events.  TyAngela Hunter of Beautiful Dream Events shared her thoughts on technology and the wedding world with us and here is what she said!

As a planner, I rely on technology not only to make the planning process smooth but to keep the wedding couples that I work with on track too. Even when I am booked with appointments and out of the office, technology allows me to bring the office with me, wherever I go.

Event technology has assisted wedding couples and event hosts in so many ways while keeping us all connected. This has been especially helpful when working with out-of-town clients who can’t always make in-person appointments!

Technology has helped me to better partner with my clients and bring their dreams to life. During the planning process, I often schedule calls via Zoom to host video call meetings when commutes and in-person meetings can’t easily be accomplished. Hosting calls with video definitely make phone call meetings that much more personable.

As a lead designer, it is imperative that I am able to get a clear understanding of my client’s vision for their special day. Working within AllSeated allows me to do just that!  AllSeated makes it super easy to collaborate on the creation and design of floorplan layouts with my clients. The 3D features provide my clients with a virtual walk-through of the venue and floorplan while getting a real feel for what the space will look like on the day of the event.

My clients love the simplicity of the managing of their guest list within AllSeated and how easy it translates over to creating their seating chart. I appreciate how easy it is to manage the guest list, as this is something I do often for my clients. Once the guest list is established and RSVP’s are received, my clients often go in and seat their guests as they see fit within the seating chart. It’s amazing how I can work with my clients within AllSeated from start to finish! Step by step we go from seating to checking in guests to collaborating with vendors within the timelines – AllSeated is a must have.

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

Technology has also allowed me to develop an online customer management system. Features like the ability to create questionnaires has made receiving information and feedback from my clients that much easier. Contracts can be automatically updated with client information and invoices sent automatically according to pay schedules. Online customer management systems have allowed me to streamline my client’s experience from start to finish.

As a paper girl at heart, I still try to keep hard copies of everything (like using the reports feature from AllSeated!), yet having an online arsenal of online planning tools has allowed me to become a streamline genius. These incredible tools allow me to focus more on my client’s dreams rather than spend my time on the behind the scenes struggles.