Summer Wedding Lighting Trends


Summer color palettes are bright and designs are often vibrant while being accented by the latest in summer wedding lighting trends.

Need summer wedding lighting ideas? We’ve got you covered!

Canopies of Light

String ropes of lights back and forth to create a very loose canopy of light. It resembles bistro lights strung across narrow streets in Europe. You might need to use poles on either side of your featured area to string from, or look for a tree and string them across branches. What a great way to provide light to a complete summer party, or to turn the focus a specific, important area like the dance floor.

Glowing Pathways

Classic luminaries are making a comeback! They will provide gentle light down important pathways. If fire safety is a concern, use battery-operated tea lights. They are long-lasting and can be left unattended which is very helpful to your setup team who can set and forget your luminaries.

summer lighting trends

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If you are planning to have a tent for your summer wedding, you don’t have to settle for traditional C9 lighting around the rim  to provide light. Huge chandeliers in a variety of styles are available for rent to complement your design. Consider options such as simple chandeliers, European-influenced ornate ones, highly industrialized metal pieces, and historic-looking creations available. There is something for everyone!

Chandeliers can transform a tent from simple and plain to completely extraordinary.

Focal Areas

One of the year’s hottest wedding lighting trends that easily lends itself to summer events is creating striking displays by using collections of pillar candles in various colors and heights.

Depending on the location and the safety factors, you can use real pillar candle in several different sizes, or the flickering LED version. Pillar candles can be all white or one of many, many colors, available if ordered in advance.

Hanging Installations

Elaborate faux ceiling sections dripping with greens, flowers, and candles are perfect for summer celebrations. Suspend votive candles from the installations in your choice of glass containers, jars, or votive holders. These installations can draw attention to important tables and displays, or can cover the entire event area.

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