Sandy’s Event Travels: Coast to Coast

Sandy Hammer, AllSeated’s Co-Founder  & CMO has been quite busy traveling to events from coast to coast. We thought it would be fun to take a peak at some of her latest event experiences shared with us in her own words:


I arrived in Napa Valley to attend the Oh So Inspired event (at Ramekins) run by three fabulous ladies, Nancy, Mary and Kelley (who just so happens to be one of AllSeated’s first ever users!).

It was raining when I arrived but the hospitality of the event space and the people were so warm and inviting that I didn’t even mind! There were 80 of us in attendance over the course of three days during which time Nancy, Mary and Kelley shared their inspiration and desire to bring a different kind of learning to our attention regarding how and why they were able to take their work and business to the next level

I learned so much and  felt so inspired which carried over in my travels as I moved on to my next event in Orlando, Fl.

2caeba_1a6447cf64ac4457bfe0438e73bb67ddWarren Dietel, one of our favorite caterers and great business entrepreneur of PuffNStuff hosted a terrific workshop of innovation. The best treat of the day for me was being one of the first to see PuffNStuff’s new facility in Tampa – What an incredible place! Warren was the guest speaker in the evening at the local NACE chapter at the Science Museum in Orlando, FL. PuffNStuff catered the event (it was delicious!) and Warren offered us a wonderful inspirational talk about bringing leadership to your businesses.

From Florida I was off to Washington, DC to attend The Signature CEO Conference with creator and host, Tara Melvin of Perfect Planning Events. Tara put together fun and informative-packed days and provided all in attendance with tools to take your business to the next level of success. We also learned how to obtain strategic performance methods necessary for building your brand and sustaining your business. Plus, everyone received a real treat as AllSeated’s Co-Founder and CTO Daniel attended this event as well! He interviewed and drilled so many participants to learn even more from them so that he can to continue building AllSeated up with even more awesome features!


Loaded up with information in my head and event swag in my hands, I headed out to LA once again for a fantastic party with WIPA along with my great friend Pauline Parry and her fantastic daughter Joanne from Good Gracious! The top caterer in LA, they also hosted our launch party at the Smashbox (but that’s another story for another day!) I was delighted to also meet up again with Marcus Anthony Gray who is an extremely talented young man! We had a great laugh and good time dancing!

From there I was on my way to my last event. It was a very long and wet journey from LA (the rain seemed to follow me everywhere I went!!) As I arrived after a very early morning start I was amazed at the scenery, not really knowing much about this area  — I was in shock at the beauty of Carmel on the Sea!

Our host for this event was Stacie Francombe, the founder of Inspire Smart Success. ISS is a three-tiered approach for helping wedding industry businesses grow and succeed by utilizing the ISS Magazine, ISS Experience and ISS Mentoring.

This ISS event was attended by over 100 planners and vendors for an experience networking and educational seminar unlike any other! It was a wild two-day event! We didn’t sleep much and lots of networking took place. We received so much inspiration especially from speaker Colin Cowie – Colin was a true inspiration for everyone at this event, he was generous with his time and gracious with his advice. He also knows how to party and enjoy — Of course he does, he is one of the top planners in the world!

Loaded up with even more gifts and swag than you can imagine (I needed a new suitcase to bring everything home!) I left this great road trip with two important thoughts:

I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing event industry! I just love meeting more and more people within this industry as I travel around to events. You are all so fantastic, talented and inspirational in your own way. I am honored to meet you all.

My second thought, although maybe a little bias, is that AllSeated really has a special place in your hearts not just because you realize how much this technology can help you save time and improve your businesses but because you believe (as we do too) that change needs to happen within our industry. The fact that you take the time out from your incredible busy schedule to learn and embrace new technology to make that change is the biggest gift you give us!

So as we go into 2016 we hope we can keep on bringing new features that can help and make the change even greater!