The Rising Tide of Entertaining


What does the modern aged world mean for the events industry? Hollywood Pop Gallery is here today to tell us!

When the going gets tough, the tough get creative! The open ocean of events can be a choppy one but there is a constant current of event industry innovators taking accessibility and efficiency to new levels.

Where at a time one hardly knew how to hire a wedding band, now everyone is their own booking agent, web designer, marketer and more often event planner. Vendors are more visible and consumers are savvier than ever.

This has brought new challenges to event planning professionals to stay ahead of the game but it has also given way to the evolution of the industry itself.

hollywood pop

Hollywood Pop Gallery event at the New York Public Library

It’s no surprise to anyone that technology has taken over the entertainment and event industries just as it has ever other corner of business. The rise of the Internet made information so readily available that one can find anything, anywhere, anytime. Instead of years of referrals from partners and past clients, Yelp is now a big contender in business reputation and can be seen by anyone. Event planning has shifted to a different level of luxury service with clients and their families/friends/colleagues taking organization and networking into their own hands, leaving planners to continually prove their value.

Entertainment agencies find it harder than ever to keep exclusive talent relationships as the ease of self-marketing allows those seeking to hire talent to cut out the middleman. Avoiding what may seem like an extra person or step in the process places the client at a much higher risk of losing protection against factors they may not have seen coming and in the end can actually save the client a lot of money with the relationships and resources available through a good planner.

Event professionals have spent years navigating through the uncharted waters and guiding clients through to the experience they are seeking. Without these bridges to make the right connections, the entire market becomes diluted with unverified services and individuals.

Creative partnerships between businesses are nearing imperative in recent years to keep themselves above the undertow. Event planners have linked up with app developers, caterers with electrical engineers, and venues with fashion designers. Hollywood Pop Gallery began as a small entertainment company in Greenwich, CT.

Director of Special Events at Hollywood POP Gallery, Brett Galley, reformed her team to satisfy new demands from her clients and grew into a multi-service international event planning company additionally booking celebrity talent and providing clients with in-house design & décor services.

Brett is not alone in these redefining endeavors that are crucial not just to the survival but the success of business. Our clients and our consumers are pushing us higher and we must already be there waiting for them at the top.


This cross-discipline blend of skills has pushed the industry to expand its capabilities while more independence is created amongst the consumer market. The DIY movement, Pinterest, and web and cloud-based planning tools (like our beloved AllSeated!) have put the power in the hands of the public.

Clients know what they want. They keep pricing competitive as bidding on small and large-scale levels is more common than ever, and they want to know that you can offer them something that they cannot otherwise do themselves.

A wealth of creativity to go outside the box now supersedes the value of experience of a business and everyone must be on regular re-invention rotation to successfully compete in the market. The shift of what and how clients demand and the unrelenting current of our modern world is exciting, challenging, and will keep elevating the possibilities of the new age of celebration.

Hollywood Pop Gallery is a full-service event planning company providing private and corporate clients with a comprehensive selection of entertainment, design, décor and event services. Learn more about Hollywood Pop Gallery by visiting their website.