Quality Customer Service: An Event Industry MUST!

Providing quality customer service is often thought of as common sense. Unfortunately, some business owners simply assume that once they have a signed contract, the hard work is over. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!

In fact, retaining quality clients takes more time and effort than the initial pitch to get their business. Even more, a company with high turnover of clients can actually ruin a company’s credibility with new customers, as it shows those who worked with you aren’t happy and most likely have decided to work with someone else.

As vendors within the event industry, it is imperative that wedding couples and event hosts be treated as if their special day is special to you, the vendor, too!

Quality customer service needs to be a top business priority. We put together the top 3 most common complaints within the event industry — use these complaints as a reference point to ensure you aren’t disappointing your clients!

Untimely responses. Communication is key! As a vendor, you are responsible for providing services in a timely manner (more often than not, you’re working under a very tight deadline). When taking on new clients, it’s not uncommon for vendors to go MIA once they’ve received a signed contract. Unfortunately, this is a major turn off and can upset your client before the project even begins.

With so much communication happening through email, it’s critical to stay on top of client communications as they come in, even if it’s just letting them know you’re busy and will get back to them ASAP. Your customers should NEVER have to follow up with an email or a request.

Negative attitude. No one likes a Negative Nancy, especially your clients who are trusting you with their special event. Regardless of how demanding or indecisive your client is, you need to remember that you agreed to this and you are fully responsible for executing your part all the way through. Your customers should never feel like they are a bother to you or that you are uninterested in their project. Stay positive, and always smile.

Unfulfilled promises. Some of the most successful businesses are ones that refuse to take on work they can’t handle. Unfortunately, there are even more businesses that will make fake promises to customers just to get new business. You should always remember that a customer is coming to you for help because it is something they cannot do themselves, and they are trusting you to complete the promises you made when the deal was made. Never under any circumstances should you agree to an event or project that you know you are unable to execute. Not only does this upset your clients, but it damages your business reputation.

At the end of the day, you should always put yourself in the shoes of your customers. How would you want to be treated by the vendors you are trusting for your special event?  Keep this in mind as you work with your clients.