How To Plan Your Dream Wedding On A Budget


Many wedding couples will tell you that planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There are countless decisions to make, and often times, our fantasy wedding doesn’t quite match our budget.

Many wedding couples find themselves taking personal loans to cover the wedding costs or choose to compensate with a personal loan to make their wedding budget larger.

There are ways to plan your dream wedding on a budget though so we gathered these helpful budgeting tips from Earnest!


Involve Your Family and Friends. Take a look at your guest list. How many of your guests have special talents and skills that you could utilize in your wedding plans? Is there an upcoming photographer in your group of friends? Does your aunt make the greatest chocolate cake ever? Reach out to your network of talented individuals to see if they would be interested in sharing their talents for your wedding. Perhaps they would interested in giving you a service as a gift while being part of your special day — your wedding will be even more memorable because of their contributions!

Spread Your Costs Over a Longer Period of Time. A longer engagement will not only give you more time to plan and prep for the big day, but it will also allow you to find exactly what you want at a discounted price. The extra time will also give you time to breathe as well. Lessen the “bridezilla” moments by making your engagement and wedding planning as stress-free as possible.

Pick One DIY Project. Not everyone is a DIY guru, but tackling one DIY project can be a great way to not only personalize a component of your wedding but also save some money in the process. With social media resources like Pinterest and wedding blogs, there are so many DIY projects to choose from with helpful tips and instructions. Whether it’s your brooch bouquet or a creative handmade guest book, these DIY keepsakes will have even more memories attached.

Organizing your finances and working within wedding budget helps to build the foundation for successfully planning the wedding of your dreams.

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