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In honor of New York’s Wedding Week which is featuring an amazing collection of bridal fashion, we wanted to bring you something fresh and special too! We had the pleasure of speaking with Mia Pava, the owner and head designer of Mia Pava’s Bridal Studio.

Mia is probably one of the youngest designers out there today (she is only out of school less than 4 years!) and has already been featured in Vogue and other leading fashion publications!

Not only did Mia share her history with us, she also gave us some awesome tips for picking the perfect wedding gown!

About Mia Pava:

Born in Springfield, MA, Mia moved with her family to Israel when she was four years old. Her interest in fashion began at a very early age. There is just something so very magical to Mia about fashion as she said, “it gives an opportunity to feel extraordinary in our everyday lives.”

Mia Pava

Fun fact about Mia which may play a role in her early interest in fashion: Her great grandfather was a tailor. He owned a shop in downtown Springfield, MA, where he would sew and tailor woman’s clothing including dresses. Often he would make a sample gown and have Mia’s great grandmother wear it so that her friends would see it and then want the dress too!

Mia studied Fashion Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, specializing in Bridal, Evening Wear and Embroidery. After graduating, she worked for two years at a bridal studio in Tel Aviv and then in 2015, opened her own boutique bridal studio, Mia Pava, in Chashmonaim.

About Mia Pava Studio:

All gowns are custom made. It is so very important to Mia that the bride’s needs and desires are taken care of at the highest possible level. Quite often there are changes to be made to gowns throughout the fittings process to ensure that every detail of the gown is perfect and EXACTLY what the bride had envisioned.

The style of their gowns are feminine and elegant, with lots of attention to detail. Mia loves to use delicate laces, hand embroidery, and light weight fabrics such as silk and chiffon. Delicate laves and embroidery are the hottest trends right now!!

This year’s collection was inspired by some of Mia’s childhood memories. It is filled with hopes and dreams, and endless potential for love and life.

Mia said, “Our bride’s have the first and last word. As a designer,  I feel that I am here to help guide the bride and share my knowledge with her, but I believe that she is the main character in the story, and I am here to listen and help her make her dreams come true.”

mia pava

Mia’s 5 tips for selecting the perfect wedding gown:

  1. Be yourself and listen to yourself. Nobody knows you better than you do!
  2. Do research; what style do you like? Who carries it? How much do you want to spend?
  3. When going to the fittings, bring along people who are open minded and are able to relate to you and your needs.
  4. Make sure the gown fits you perfectly. Dance around in it, make sure it is comfortable.
  5. Close your eyes, breath. This is going to be fun!

Mia Pava

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Be sure to follow Mia Pava on Facebook and Instagram. Visit her website to learn even more about her wedding gown collection!

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picking the perfect wedding gown

All wedding gown photos in this post are used with permission and owned by Mia Pava.