Personalize Your Next Event with Snapchat


Wedding guests and event attendees are looking to share where they are and what they are doing via social media. Snapchat is becoming the top social media channel for instant sharing purposes which means event planners must stay on top of making their events Snapchat friendly!

Whether it’s for a corporate event or a wedding, event planners and vendors alike can create on-demand, custom geofilters really easily.

Geofilters connect to the location of your event, allowing attendees to ‘snap’ their friends photos, videos, and messages which are personalized with your brand.

Geofilters can help create a personalized experience for attendees with a geofilter that has a branded logo and consistent event color schemes & themes. You are able to design your own geofilter or use a template provided by Snapchat.

Geofilters allow you to set specific parameters for the location and timeframe for the time period that your filter is live. This ensures the geofilter is only used for your event and not for other events in the future.

Remember to include the following for your geofilter at your next event:


Using a geofence, Snapchat allows you to set parameters for the area you want users to be able to access your filter. This is critical because you don’t want just anyone to include your geofilter on their snaps, especially if they aren’t attending your event.

Event Hours

Just like the parameters set for your location, you want to set the proper hours to keep your geofilter active. To ensure increased visibility, it may benefit you to set ‘buffer hours’ pre & post event to allow users to continue posting if they didn’t have a chance when the action was going on.

It also keeps your event going online, even if it is over offline!

Your Brand

Now the fun part, branding!

Be sure to include personalized hashtags, color schemes, branded logos, and any other element that will help users associate your brand with the geofilter and event. This allows for increased brand recognition and awareness!

With that all said and done, now you must inform guests of your custom Snapchat geofilter and encourage them to use it! This also includes information for wi-fi access if needed for guests to access your geofilter.

Happy snapping!