Event Spotlight: Holiday Party at The Altman Building in NYC


In today’s Allseated event spotlight, we are featuring a holiday party at The Altman Building in New York City. Learn the event details, about the Altman building, and how Allseated assisted in the planning!

 About The Altman Building:

Once the impressive, Victorian-era carriage house for the B. Altman department store, The Altman Building is proud to celebrate over 22 years as a leading New York City event space in our landmark historic venue. The Altman Building has provided a canvas and home to visions of splendor, celebration, camaraderie, launches, and discussions of big ideas.

Unique among Manhattan venues for our vaulted, direct street access, our venue represents the opportunity for our clients to reach any possibility while lending a sense of refinement and distinction to any occasion. The unparalleled flexibility of the open floor plan provides a unique and memorable home for any event, including product and automobile launches, corporate meetings and conferences, trade shows, fashion events, and social occasions.

Beyond The Altman Building’s physical grandeur, our professional production team works with the building’s striking architectural details to impeccably transform The Altman Building into the ideal venue for your event.

Event Details:
In December we hosted a holiday party for a well-known brand who celebrated with an Andy Warhol theme event with a campaign to “Give Better”.

Guests were encouraged to bring canned foods to donate to local pantries, make an online donation at kiosks set up throughout the party that was matched by the company, and take a selfie with a “Give Better” sticker for a chance to win $10,000 sponsored by the company for their favorite charity.

How Allseated Assisted in the Planning Process:
The Altman Building Team provided the planning and design services for the event and used Allseated as the floorplan tool to create polished and to scale deliverables to our client. Creating a floorplan to scale was critical in the success of this event. This event had many activations and touchpoints and it was crucial to ensure that everything was mapped out and the event flowed well to host the 400+ guests among all of the event features.
altman building allseated floorplan
altman building allseated floorplan
This event used both the main floor and the gallery floor.  The Altman Building team was able to build out both floor plans and share the working plans with our main vendors to review and ensure their elements worked well within the plan. Visualizing all of the elements in advance helped the client understand what they could expect at the event.



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