Navigating the Logistics of an Event Out of the Country 


In the world of events, technology has helped everyone to become more organized while keeping vendors and clients on the same page. When it comes to planning outside of the country, AllSeated’s event planning platform has helped to revolutionize the industry and the way destination events can be planned without stepping foot inside the venue.

AllSeated’s digital planning tools allow you to collaborate with clients and vendors on floorplans, guest list, seating, and timelines. With AllSeated VR technology, you can even virtually tour venues in 360 degrees from wherever you are! No longer is there a need for on-site meetings and the virtual reality experience makes clients feel as though they are really there in person, assisting greatly with planning destination events.

While having events out of the country can pose a new set of challenges and logistical issues, Amy Abbott of Amy Abbot Events shares her top tips for how she plans events successfully when outside the country.  With the help of technology and a few tips and tricks, you can minimize the stress and effectively plan your destination event with much success!

Technology is Your Best Friend 

Digital planning tools and the utilization of Facetime and/or videos will assist you and your clients in seeing the décor, venue and  little details before arriving on site. To collaborate on design, set up a Pinterest board for you and your client to easily pin and share ideas.

Once you arrive, you will have multiple people who you will need to be in contact with and guests that will need to contact you so consider using an app that will allow you to text everyone all at once quickly. Options like WhatsApp, Viber and others are all great ways to stay connected. Before everyone leaves for the destination event, make sure they know which means of communication is best to keep in touch with you. This way you won’t have to check emails, text messages and your commutation app while you are busy planning on site. 

The Power of Knowledge and Negotiation 

Everyone is looking for the best deal when it comes to airline tickets to hotel rates. Utilize your resources to help make your client’s dreams come true. Speak with your client to see if they have an executive points or rewards with specific hotel partners or airlines. When negotiating room rates and meeting spaces, determine if they are willing to waive or discount a site fee if you guarantee a specific number of rooms to be booked or if you meet a particular food and beverage minimum. Also, when selecting a hotel, be sure to know what incentives they offer as a free courtesy. Think shuttle for guests, lobby happy hours, afternoon tea, or any other concessions. 

Overcoming a Language Barrier 

If you are jetting off somewhere where English is not the primary language, it is best to plan ahead of time. Coordinate with the hotel to ensure someone who speaks English can handle check in and questions on the day you are scheduled to check in. Hiring guides and transportation services can also help attendees explore the area safely and effectively.

Know That Something Will Go Wrong

When juggling flight itineraries, hotel reservations and traveling to a new locale, it is enviable that something will go a little array. Let’s face it — this is the case even when planning close to home. Be prepared that someone might miss a connection flight, transportation to or from the airport or a reservation isn’t correct — and take it in stride. Take a deep breath and tackle the issue head-on. It will be just a blip on an otherwise seamless event. 

Once you have your first event or conference out of the country, you will see that with the right planning and procedures in place, it is a fun and rewarding experience.  You will be eager and ready to book even more of them!

Amy Abbott is the owner of Amy Abbott Events, a premier design and event planning company based in Los Cabos, Mexico that specializes in destination weddings. Amy Abbott Events creates an event experience that evokes emotion and exhibits the personalities of their clients, exceeding expectations every time.