Mitzvah Planning Spotlight Using AllSeated

We thought it would be interesting to have a member of the AllSeated team share their personal experience with using AllSeated to plan a special event. Meredith is currently planning her son’s Bar Mitzvah and has been using her own AllSeated account throughout the planning process. She is thrilled to share her thoughts with you and will continue to update as the Bar Mitzvah approaches!

I so often wish that AllSeated existed back in 2001 when I was planning my wedding. I will never forget how annoying it was to tackle the seating arrangements for my 250 guests, especially since my father kept making changes and faxing the multiple sheets of diagrams to my office each day.

Flash forward 15 years — I am in the midst of planning my son’s Bar Mitzvah and technology has made some major advances since the time I was planning my wedding!

I registered for my very own personal AllSeated account in the early stages of the Bar Mitzvah planning. Getting organized from the start is really key, especially for someone like me who needs organization to function.

My AllSeated account has definitely helped me to stay organized and on task, not to mention, it’s made the planning process so much more fun!

With the October Bar Mitzvah date quickly approaching, things are starting to get real serious around here but thankfully I have had my AllSeated account to keep me organized and on track.

Using My AllSeated Account:

As soon as I set up my AllSeated account, I immediately invited my entourage to join the account. My entourage includes my two best friends, my dad (who still likes to help out with seating!) and most importantly, my son.

My son, the Bar Mitzvah boy, was thrilled to have access to our AllSeated account. He has been a huge help too!

He took immediate charge of the guest list by entering all of his friends’ names and mailing addresses into the guest list section of our account. I love that he wanted to be involved!

Having our guest list stored and complete in the guest list section of our AllSeated account has made the Bar Mitzvah planning process that much smoother and organized for sure.

I was able to generate an excel file of the guest list to send off to the calligrapher. Our invitations went out so now the fun part of receiving the RSVP‘s has begun. Each time we receive an RSVP, we update our AllSeated account in order to keep accurate count of guests that will be in attendance.

Each Bar Mitzvah vendor has been invited into my account as well. Having the vendors in the account helps to keep everyone up to date and on track. I am currently working on the vendor timeline which is helping to create a seamless set up and schedule of events.

I have also started playing with the seating charts and love having access to the furniture for the floorplan.

It really is so super cool!

My son could absolutely not get over how the real his Bar Mitzvah appeared when I first showed him a sample of the floorplan layout in 3D.

AllSeated floorplan 3D

The vendor providing us with the lounge furniture for the party was able to go into the floorplan section of my AllSeated account to show me a layout of the furniture pieces.

She was able to select from the Cort furniture library to accurately show me what the furniture will look like!

AllSeated floorplan

I am slowly building my personal day of timeline too. I have been working backwards from the service time to figure out the rest of my appointments which include hair, make-up, and photographer photo session prior to services.

Planning a Bar Mitzvah is serious work but my life is definitely made easier and more organized with the use of my AllSeated account. I look forward to writing another planning post as well as a recap of the affair in October!

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