Micro Mitzvah Spotlight by Event of a Lifetime


We were thrilled to learn about the first event planned by The Event of a Lifetime since the COVID-19 Pandemic began back in March.

Founded in 1995 and accredited by The Association of Bridal Consultants, The Event Of A Lifetime, Inc. is a full-service event planning company that can assist you with all aspects of the planning process to ensure that the whole experience is stress-free and enjoyable.

Melisa Imberman, President of The Event Of A Lifetime, Inc. gives personalized attention to each client to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration. Working closely with her clients, Melisa and her staff will help create a party that reflects the couple’s personalities, lifestyles, and dreams.

Melisa Imberman planned a “Micro Bar Mitzvah” in a matter of two weeks and shared the details with us including how Allseated was used in the planning.

micro mitzvah

I recently did my first event since COVID. My client hired me two weeks before her son’s bar mitzvah. They had canceled the originally scheduled Bar Mitzvah party and were planning to just do a zoom service. At the last minute, my client decided that they did not want a special occasion to go by without a celebration so I created a “Micro Mitzvah” for guests to celebrate following the zoom Bar Mitzvah service.

micro mitzvah

I literally did six months of work in less than two weeks!  I’ve had a lot of stressful events in my day, but this was definitely up there. Not only was I concerned with being COVID-19 compliant and how best to set up for social distancing, but hurricane Laura was also headed our way.

Micro Mitzvah 

We tented their backyard and made sure that the tent as large as possible so that we could spread the tables out for physical distancing purposes.


I wanted to make sure that the food service was COVID-19 compliant and that everyone felt as comfortable as possible. We served individually boxed lunches and had a Pizza truck.

The gourmet boxed lunches were branded biodegradable boxes complete with wrapped utensils to keep COVID safe. These were not your typical boxed lunches as guests were able to choose from pan-seared roast salmon brushed with a sweet chili glaze along with sweet watermelon salad with cucumber, feta, mint, and a hint of Lime OR Thai chicken salad with bok choy, snow peas, red peppers, scallion, and ginger along with kale and quinoa salad with diced mango, ripe avocado, edamame, pumpkin seeds, and lemon drizzle.

For dessert instead of cake, we had individual cupcakes in a jar and an ice cream cart.

micro mitzvah

micro mitzvah

Micro Mitzvah Details

We had an upscale porta-potty to keep guests from needing to use the bathroom in the house.

Favors were t-shirts and masks with the Bar Mitzvah logo.

micro mitzvah

micro mitzvah

We had a DJ, but no dancing, The DJ played background music and facilitated virtual games including bingo and trivia.

micro mitzvah

The immediate family did the horah while guests cheered them on from a social distance. The horah included their dog Charlie.

micro mitzvah

Allseated Floorplan

My floorplan was particularly helpful as prior to hiring me, my client had booked a tent and when I created the floorplan, I realized that her tent wasn’t large enough to accommodate all of the tables needed in the layout. The Allseated floorplan helped us to accurately visualize what was needed and what would work best for the outdoor floorplan layout.




micro mitzvah floorplan

micro mitzvah

Photography: Chad Kraus Photography

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