Why You May Want To Hire A Wedding Planner


Have you given thought to hiring a wedding planner? Kari Dirkson of Feathered Arrow Events is here today to explain why you just may decide it’s necessary! Thanks Kari!

Most couples get engaged and start the planning process either feeling confident or that the planning process is super overwhelming and they have no idea where to start. Planning a wedding is easy for some people but for others, it’s just not.

The level of stress associated with planning a wedding depends upon several factors:

  • The demands of your career
  • Personal creativity
  • Connections with vendors
  • Budget
  • Guest list
  • Style of your venue
  • Time available for the planning process

Knowing your wedding budget is a crucial first step in the wedding planning process. While it may set limits for your planning, it may also help you to understand how to best spend your money. One way to ensure you spend your money (and time) wisely is to invest in a wedding planner.

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More often than not, after every wedding, all my clients say, “we don’t know what we would have done without you!” Now that always feels great to hear and so appreciated, but in my mind I think, how do I translate that to potential clients so they realize it before their wedding is over. Otherwise, it’s too late!

So I typically use an analogy that can relate to people’s experiences first hand. So here we go, stop and think back on a time you hosted a party at your house, a dinner party, birthday party or a Christmas party. Whatever it may be. Now think about the planning that went into it, let’s say for around 20-30 people.

You had to invite everyone, manage invites and RSVPs, plan and prepare food, hire a caterer or have something delivered, purchase beverages, décor, clean the house, decorate, field phone calls or texts from guests asking questions, and managing family members who are trying to help but really aren’t helpful in the end.

Now, did you relax? Were you able to fully enjoy yourself prior to the day or even the day of the event? Probably not! Imagine that planning process magnified for your wedding where you will have 100-200 guests at a venue. Your goal is to host your special day, plan every detail and somehow enjoy the planning and day to the fullest while being present.

This is, of course, the most special day in your life.

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The wedding industry is big, there are millions of venues and vendors to choose from and a lot of logistics and details that go into the planning. But now imagine hiring someone who has tons of contacts and relationships with great vendors (eliminating the hours of research for great vendors), they know the venues you want to get married at, they have checklists, tips, suggestions, and expert advice to offer.

This sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not. As a wedding planner, that’s my job! A wedding planner’s job is to know the best vendors, to maintain organization, keep track of details, think of the small things and the big things, to keep them on track using great tools and platforms like AllSeated, to provide expertise, design advice, and to take the stress out of planning and making it fun so that wedding couples can enjoy themselves.

Wedding planners take care of the planning and manage behind the scenes to make sure everything is perfect and enjoyable for family, friends, and all your guests.


As a wedding planner, I try to stay up-to date on design trends, connecting with new vendors, building relationships, and providing the best resources to make things easy for clients. Just as you wouldn’t try to fix a serious mechanical issue with your car yourself because you want an expert to do it, you shouldn’t try to do your wedding yourself!  You should hire an expert, someone with years of experience and knowledge of the industry.

Even if you still want to and can plan your wedding yourself, you may want to hire a wedding coordinator to finalize the details, tie up loose ends and manage everything on the day of the wedding.

A wedding planner should be one of the main priorities in your wedding budget, if it’s not, re-adjust to make it a top priority. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did and probably some of the best money you spent for your big day. There are a lot of great planners out there, just make sure to find someone you like and one that you vibe with. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them, so be sure you connect well with them!

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