Managing a Large Team across Multiple Locations


The day-to-day management of any business is complex, especially when you have a large team working at multiple locations. Top quality staff and an organized approach make all the difference in the world when handling the required logistics. Heather Rouffe, the Director Of Sales and Managing Partner of Atlas Event Rental, outlines her tips below for managing a large team across multiple locations.

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Provide Clear Expectations

Successful team management begins with you. Set the kinds of standards that will ensure smooth operations. Make sure client consultations and contracts are clear, products are in good condition and inventoried concisely. Invest in any technology or systems necessary to make your processes easy to understand so every member has the best chance at a successful outcome.

Adding to Your Team

You might find that additional staff is necessary to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Knowing when to expand your team requires overall business analysis. We constantly monitor our client satisfaction and progress towards sales goals, for instance. These are good indicators for staffing because we can quickly recognize if there is a hole somewhere that needs to be filled.

Seasonal staff can help fortify your labor force temporarily. Some roles are perfectly suited to temporary labor, while others, like office staff, should be filled by full-time employees. Provide all staff with adequate training and support so your customer service quality does not suffer.

Meetings and Communication

Strong communication can overcome many challenges. In addition to department meetings, hold quarterly meetings to roll out new policies, inventory, or technology to everyone. Consider maintaining an online notebook or site where seasonal and full-time staff can go to access company newsletters, instructions for different operations, HR information, company details, calendars and anything one might need to know to provide your external and internal clients with the highest possible level of service.

Managing on Event Days

Develop a system that allows you to place key staff where they are needed most on busy event days. Depending on the size of your company, you might have different levels of supervision and management. The key is to have highly trained individuals performing each task and reporting to a central management entity that can keep the entire operation running while addressing individual needs.

When managing a large team over multiple locations, it’s impossible to be at more than one place at a time. Provide your staff with clear communication, support them with trained supervision, and once you’ve invested the time and capital in their training, trust that they will represent your company well.

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Heather Rouffe is the Director of Sales and Partner of Atlas Event Rental, a full-service event rental company serving the Southern Florida market for over 30 years. Recently named one of the top 30 rental companies in the US by Special Events Magazine, Atlas provides top quality products and unparalleled customer service to each and every customer.