Look Wedding Ready With These Healthy Tips


There’s no better time of year for focusing on your health and well-being than summer!

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day so we put together these healthy tips and ideas which will beautify from the inside out.

Stay Hydrated.

The key to glowing skin really does come from the inside out! What you put into your body absolutely affects how you look — and feel — which means there’s more to your beauty routine than just the right moisturizers and cleansers.

Hydration plays a huge role in how your skin appears. Drinking plenty of water, especially during the summer months, will help to keep the skin from looking dull and wrinkly while boosting your natural glow.

Fill up on the season’s fresh fruits.

What you eat does more than just affect your waistline. Filling your plate with fresh fruits like berries and melons can and will make an impact on your skin. Fresh fruits have a high water content and are also packed with antioxidants which will attack the free radicals that often lead to signs of aging in the skin.

Drinking plenty of water while also choosing nutrient dense foods like fresh fruits and vegetables will give your skin the radiance you desire while dramatically diminishing the signs of lines and wrinkles.

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There’s no better time of year than summer time for getting involved with a fitness routine! Exercise gets the blood flowing, produces those happy endorphins and yes, helps to build lean muscle while assisting with weight management.

When you feel good, you look good. Here are some great ideas to get you moving:

Running: It’s easy and inexpensive to take up running or even walking outdoors. The fresh air alone will boost your mood and give you the Vitamin D your body craves.

Aim for 30 minutes a day (or 4 – 5 days a week) of outdoor activity. Running short on free time in the morning or evening? Try a midday walk during your lunch break.

Other options:

Outdoor Yoga: Many areas offer outdoor yoga practices at local parks and beaches. Consider a google search to locate the best one near you. Not interested in outdoor yoga? Try a local yoga studio to stretch your muscles and relax the mind.

Summer Deals: Many gyms offer summer deals which may include free training, guest passes and nutritional guidance.

Wedding Deals: You would be surprised to find out that many gyms and fitness studios offer wedding packages! Be sure to check out the studios and gyms in your area for these deals. While they may not always be advertised, it is definitely something worth mentioning when you make your initial phone call.

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We hope that following these healthy summer tips help you to look and feel so amazing that you choose to continue your new healthy routine well beyond your wedding day. Healthy habits are the best habits!

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look wedding ready this summer with these healthy tips!