Live Streaming For Your Events


Live streaming is not just the next big thing. In today’s world, live streaming should actually be considered a staple at all events!

Live streaming provides the opportunity for those not physically at your event to catch a glimpse of the fun by following your account. Events of any size can benefit from live streaming! By offering a live stream video from your event, you are giving your followers and fans a chance to feel a part of the action.

Live Streaming Apps Today

There are a few live streaming apps now available, with pros and cons to each.

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Live are the live streaming apps worth noting for events. Each app has many cool features with the ability to broadcast live to followers. Those watching can like, comment, chat or send emojis. Instead of just posting a status update, DM, or ad, an event can “go live” and attendees and planners can access their video in real-time or at a later date.

It bears mentioning YouTube can display videos in near-movie like quality (1080p), so if your event has a lot of high-resolution type imagery you may want to use YouTube Live. Also, Facebook regularly updates its live video streaming application, Facebook Live, with features that make it even more exciting for planners and attendees. You can even request features by submitting to their development team. One such feature added is the ability to be notified when a page has gone live. While you’re watching a currently live show, it has a little button that says, ‘would you like to be notified about the next live event?’ Click it and now you’ve added yourself to notifications for that Facebook page’s next live event.

How To Choose

Depending on your audience and resources, your choice of live streaming app may vary. It’s best to try all of them out with your team to determine which you prefer. You may decide to use them all or favor one over the other! Regardless, live streaming can be a fun activity for your team while giving your social media accounts new life while boosting brand awareness and engagement.

Thanks to Grace Montealegre, Director of Marketing at Cruiseport Executive Conference Center, for sharing her thoughts on live streaming for events with us!