Lighting Ideas For Outdoor Weddings



Outdoor event settings can be the perfect option for your wedding day any time of the year!

You can extend the daytime ambiance well into the night by selecting from a variety of lighting options to enhance your outdoor wedding. Lighting ideas for outdoor weddings can sometimes prove complicated than popular forms of indoor enhancement.

For this reason, we put together this list of things to consider when it comes to lighting ideas for outdoor weddings.

Start Simple

There are plenty of lighting options for couples who want to handle their own outdoor wedding lighting design. Wax candles, for example, don’t pose the same fire risk in certain settings as they do in an enclosed room, so you can choose the twinkle and glow of traditional candles over LED for some outdoor purposes if you want to. Wax candles come in a ton of different sizes, shapes, and colors making them flexible design features that make any event more romantic.

Perhaps you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding because you’re committed to demonstrating your love of the environment and commitment to green-conscious practices. Eco-friendly options like soy and beeswax candles are versatile and Earth-friendly. LED string lights are long-lasting and super-easy to use, a safe option if you’d like to hang them bistro-style, crisscrossing over your reception space, or weave them through the branches of trees and throughout shrubs and bushes. They even come in several different colors. Battery-operated candles are perfect for use in lanterns or paper luminaries to line walkways with the added benefit of helping keep your guests safe.

lighting ideas for outdoor weddings

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When to Call in the Pros

Tented receptions can also benefit from great lighting. Outdoor lighting options can truly transform a tented reception and raise your event from great to extraordinary!  Chandeliers, uplighting, wash in your wedding colors, and monograms are all options for a tented wedding.  However, the complexity and safety considerations definitely require the skill of a lighting professional.

It’s important to determine in advance which elements of your outdoor wedding lighting design you can do yourself and which you should leave to the pros. Hang lanterns or votive holders and tea lights on accessible branches of available trees. Line pathways with lanterns and luminaries, and string lights over and through the entire reception space – but try to avoid anything that requires a deeper knowledge of electricity and ladders taller than the standard one you likely have at home. Know what you can and can’t do and don’t hesitate to call in the experts to do the rest!

lighting ideas for outdoor weddings

Photo Credit: Laura Catherine Photography

Outdoor weddings can be breathtaking any time of the day or night. Light up the evening with traditional and contemporary candles and a generous application of technology and your event will be truly exceptional.

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