How To Plan A Destination Wedding Easily

It’s truly amazing to realize the impact event technology has had over the last several years. Now more than ever before, virtual event planning platforms and event design software play a critical role in how we plan and execute events today. Through the use of event technology, it’s possible to virtually tour venues, design event layouts, and work collaboratively with vendor teams and clients remotely, from anywhere in the world.

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The rising use of event technology has opened up new markets and opportunities but most importantly, event planning software allows for events and new business to be booked without the need for onsite meetings.

A destination wedding couple can now virtually tour destination venues, make decisions, and collaborate with vendors throughout the entire planning process without leaving their home.

How did we ever plan destinations and events without the use of digital planning tools?

Allseated’s CEO, Yaron Lipshitz, had an event technology reality check recently when he saw that UK Destination Wedding & Event Planner, Michelle Jacobs, planned weddings at Villa di Maiano using Allseated. Villa di Maiano is the wedding venue Yaron and his wife chose for their destination wedding, in October 2001.

Weddings planned at Villa di Maiano using Allseated re-emphasized to him how times have really changed. It brought him back through the travel process required to plan his own wedding. Virtual planning tools like (Allseated Vision) would have been so useful to him in 2001 and now, in 2020, it’s possible that virtual ways to tour venues are even more critical than ever before to plan events.


Yaron’s wedding at Villa di Maiano, October 2001

An investment banker in 2001, Yaron and his fiancé wanted a destination wedding in Italy. Planning a destination wedding in 2001 was an extremely cumbersome process. Digital planning tools and visualization platforms like Allseated did not exist. The concept of using virtual reality to tour venues from anywhere in the world was not even a thought on the radar.

Instead, it was necessary for Yaron to plan and pay for a 5-day trip to visit Tuscany with his fiance to explore each venue in person in order to make their wedding decisions.

Once they selected their destination venue, the planning process was handled via phone calls, excel spreadsheets, and Word documents. It was time-consuming, lacked efficiency, and offered nothing to the wedding couple visually during the planning process.

Had Yaron been able to utilize the event technology and digital planning tools we have today, his destination wedding planning experience would have been quite different.

  • Virtual Tours: Taking virtual tours of the venues would have saved time and money on travel.
  • Enhanced Visualization: Allseated’s technology for showcasing venues would have given him the confidence to select a venue virtually without seeing it in person.
  • Collaboration: He could have worked collaboratively with his wedding planner to manage the guest list, design the floorplan and seating chart, take virtual walkthroughs of the layout, design tabletops, generate reports, and create timelines.

Destination Weddings at Villa di Maiano

Today, thanks to technology, event professionals are able to work remotely with their clients using digital planning tools to plan destination weddings and events.

“Allseated has been a game-changer for me as a destination wedding planner,  both in terms of enabling me to develop detailed and to-scale floorplans for my weddings but also due to the way in which it facilitates collaborations and communications between myself, my couples and the vendors.  Developing seating plans can be one of the most stressful parts of the planning process for couples, and while Allseated can’t actually make the decisions for the couple,  it undoubtedly helps with the logistics of the process.” – Michelle Jacobs of Elegante by Michelle J.

Allseated floorplan



For one of the destination weddings Michelle planned at Villa di Maiano, they made use of the carriage driveway for the ceremony. The driveway is usually used as a car park and this was the first time for the space to be used for a ceremony. Using Allseated to design the layout made it much easier to visualize and implement on the day of the wedding. It’s worth noting that Allseated allows you to create floorplans for both indoor and outdoor events.

villa di Maiano

Allseated floorplan

wedding at villa di Maiano

villa di Maiano

“It was very emotional for me to learn Allseated was being used to plan weddings at the same destination wedding venue where my wife and I were married. It’s a real closing of a circle. Nineteen years later, it’s incredibly special to see, most especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The abrupt halt to weddings and events has put tremendous strain on the event industry. To know we have the technology to assist venues and event professionals to continue planning events virtually and allow them to work with clients remotely, means a lot to me. Allseated’s platform gives the industry the opportunity to virtually work with clients in the most effective way possible. While dates may be postponed, the planning process can continue without interruption.” – Yaron Lipshitz.

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Photo Credits: Photographer: David Bastianoni


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