How To Increase Your RSVP Response Rate

Once your wedding invitations are sent out in the mail, you know your wedding day is just around the corner!

During this stage of wedding planning is typically when the seating charts are organized/finalized and escort cards are created.

The problem that most often arises during this time period is that invited guests do not respond in a timely manner (if at all) which can lead to delays in finalizing the tables and seating structure.

There are some things you can do though in order to increase your RSVP response rate which are simple to implement before sending out your invitations.

Offer Simple & Easy Response Options:

The best way to increase your RSVP response rate is to offer simple and easy response options for people to respond to your event. By offering options, guests can choose the response method that works best for them.

While mail-in response cards were always the traditional response option, not everyone uses the mail as they once did.

Listing a phone number, an RSVP email address or an event website to visit on your invitation may help your response rate.

If you elect to use a mail-in response card, make it simple to fill to out and put the stamp on the self-addressed envelope for your guests.

Require A Shorter RSVP Time Frame:

Regardless of your RSVP method, do not give a lengthy RSVP time frame.

A shorter RSVP time period will put more pressure on people to get their responses in rather than putting it off, which often turns into not responding at all.

For example, while the standard RSVP time frame may request all responses be received one month prior to the wedding day, you may elect to require your responses be received six weeks prior, giving you a little more wiggle room should responses still be missing.

And remember, you can keep track of your RSVP’s within your AllSeated account!

Within your guest list is the option for RSVP – simply enter the responses as you receive them in order to accurately arrange your seating charts and prepare your escort cards accordingly.


Wedding planning certainly involves many variables but keeping track of the ever-changing details has never been more organized and easy!