How To Efficiently Design A Tabletop


Ever wonder if there are specific steps or an easy process to follow in order to efficiently design a tabletop? We spoke with Heather Rouffe of Atlas Event Rental to find out!

Start With Your Linen!

In all of my years in the event industry, I have witnessed how overwhelming the process of designing a tabletop can be when people don’t know where to begin. This is why I always tell my staff and clients to begin by first selecting your linen.

The linen is like the base of an outfit. You normally wouldn’t select your earrings before the dress, right?

Start by selecting the linen and then work your way out from there.

Jump to Chairs.

Rather than jump straight to your tabletop ideas, we recommend selecting your chairs once the linen has been chosen.

After selecting your linens, move on to selecting your chairs. The chairs you choose will help to create the overall look and feel of your event.

For example, selecting a clear ghost chair will create a more modern look.

For a tropical look, you would select a bamboo style chair.

bel air leaf

Move On To Tabletop.

Tabletop items can be overwhelming because there are so many options!

This is why we save the tabletop items as the last step. Once you have the table linen and chair selected, it is much easier to narrow down the chargers, then flatware, and the rest of the tabletop accessories needed to set the table.

If there’s a must-have piece you have fallen in love with like a specific charger, rose gold flatware or a colored goblet, start with that item and then build out from there.

Bonus Tip: Use AllSeated’s Designer Tools to build to-scale tabletop and buffet displays within your floorplans! The designer tools let you to see exactly what fits to-scale on the tabletops in your floorplans which means no more guesswork. Watch this quick video to learn more about AllSeated’s Designer Tools!

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