How Technology Makes Destination Weddings Easier

Thanks to advancements in technology, planning a destination wedding is now easier and more accessible than ever before.

A destination wedding couple can now virtually tour destination wedding location venues, make decisions, and collaborate with destination wedding vendors throughout the entire planning process without leaving their home.

For venues and event professionals working with clients to plan destination weddings, digital planning tools, and event planning platforms offer many collaborative benefits and productivity solutions.

Here are the top ways technology is completely transforming destination wedding planning. 

Visiting Venues Virtually

The world is full of amazing destinations, and wedding couples want to pick the location (and venue) that’s just right. Through the use of Allseated Vision, it’s now easier than ever before for venues to offer virtual tours of event spaces that allow prospective clients to “visit” the properties virtually from anywhere in the world. 

Many venues offer photos albums and descriptions of their event spaces. While photos and descriptions are useful and offer prospective clients a way to learn about the space, it doesn’t provide a true sense of what it feels like to be at the venue in person.

Now more than ever before, venues are realizing the importance of giving prospective clients a way to virtually experience event spaces around the world without needing to travel for onsite meetings. With access across multiple platforms, prospective clients can tour event spaces in 360 degrees for a photorealistic experience and view life-like table layouts and furniture arrangements to visualize what their event would look like in advance.

Allseated Vision is eliminating the need to book in-person tours, as venues are able to showcase their event space and close deals virtually. This saves venues and their clients time, making the planning process much easier and efficient. Venue tours, walkthroughs, and site inspections can now be done from anywhere in the world.

Digital Planning Tools For Organization 

Gone are the days of using a paper and pen. Nowadays, it’s much more common to rely on digital notepads or spreadsheets for writing down and organizing ideas. Here are some digital tools we recommend that can greatly benefit and transform the destination wedding planning process:

  • Zola – Creating a wedding website, registry, and invitations in one place.
  • Allseated – The Allseated platform makes really simple to plan and manage all details of a destination wedding. From managing guest lists, designing the wedding floorplan layout and seating arrangements, to timelines, collaboration, and reports, Allseated covers the wedding planning process from beginning to end remotely. 
  • Trello – manage to-do lists and assign tasks

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Digital Floorplan Design 

Having a strong understanding of the destination wedding floorplan is an imperative step in creating the perfect layout. While it may seem that designing a destination wedding floorplan poses a challenge if you can’t visit the venue in person, Allseated makes the process simple and efficient. 

It’s easy to design floorplan layouts to-scale and work with vendors and clients to ensure the floorplan meets expectations and is understand prior to the day of the wedding. With the ability to view in 3D and make changes in realtime, layouts are perfected through collaboration, leaving no detail unnoticed. The day of set up is seamless and accurate as well based off of the Allseated floorplan. 


Vendor and Client Communication

The internet has changed the way we interact and communicate with others. For destination weddings, it’s critical to have a way for clients and vendors to be able to work together without meeting in person throughout the planning process to assist with how to plan a destination wedding.

There are many ways to communicate today beyond just a phone call including text, facetime, social media messaging, as well as zoom, and WhatsApp. 

When using Allseated, event collaboration allows vendors and clients to tackle their destination wedding checklist and work directly on floorplans, guest lists, and timelines in order to ensure seamless and accurate communication.

WIth Allseated Connect, which is part of Allseated Vision, Video Conferencing is now available! Think “zoom meeting” within a floorplan with capabilities such as:

  • Interactive virtual walkthroughs of layout replace in-person onsite inspections
  • Easily change floorplans and venues during the conference
  • Invite your clients to an online virtual meeting inside an event where you can speak, share screens, and work on the floorplan in 2D or 3D
  • See changes in real-time, share ideas or make requests

There are also many tools and platforms that further enhance the ability to collaborate virtually throughout destination planning. Google Drive and Dropbox are particularly useful and convenient for sharing files related to the planning process, and Docusign can be used to review and sign agreements.


Communication with guests

Destination weddings require guests to stay informed on more details than a traditional, local wedding. Wedding websites for easy RSVP and real-time updates of details and information are trending as a great way to keep guests informed. Wedding websites provide the opportunity for wedding couples to update their guests often while giving guests a place to seek destination wedding information such as itinerary and location details in order to plan efficiently and accordingly.

Capturing The Moment

While destination wedding photographers and videographers are still critical for best capturing the moments at destination weddings, there are a few new concepts currently trending. As destination weddings tend to favor smaller and more intimate gatherings, it’s important to consider the family and friends who aren’t able to attend. Thanks to technology, there are now options such as live-stream or video conference. Some venues and photographers are now including live-streaming services as part of their services.

Another digital trend is having a hashtag for attendants to post any photos and videos they take online in real-time.

Drones have become more easily accessible and commonly used in recent years, and are a good way to capture the whole view. Photobooths and “Instagram-Worthy” decor are now making their way into weddings as well, perfect for social media sharing, complete with special “wedding hashtags” to add to the post so those who are aware of the hashtag, can track all images shared from the wedding.  

Other services trending right now through the rising use of technology in destination weddings include creating 3d images, and capturing 365 degrees for VR view. 

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