How Allseated Can Benefit Venues That Use Matterport for Virtual Tours


Allseated partnered with Matterport technology to bring virtual tour solutions to venues in the events industry.

Matterport, a company that brings real-life experiences to the virtual world using cutting-edge 3D technology, combined with Allseated’s award-winning event technology platform, offers many benefits to event venues and event pros today.

Why Venues Need Virtual Tours

The new reality for venues is that they must find a way to sell and plan events remotely. Even as in-person meetings make a return, clients have come to expect virtual venue tours. It’s important for venues to have a way to virtually bring clients into an event space to tour a venue virtually while also being able to design layouts and plan events in real-time without meeting in person. 

Allseated’s VISION product offers 3D virtual tours with dynamic layouts and floorplanning capabilities inside a Matterport model.

By digitizing the planning and sales process, venues have a way to showcase their event spaces and book events without the need for onsite meetings.

Event organizers can take advantage of Allseated VISION virtual tour technology to virtually bring clients into an event space for virtual site inspections while also enabling event planners to more easily visualize the furnishing, decor, and other logistics in collaboration with vendors and client decision-makers.


How Does Allseated Use Matterport Technology?

“We’ve used Matterport for a long time and enjoyed their offering so much that it only made sense to turn the relationship into a formal one,” said Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder, and CMO of Allseated. “Since we built a virtual reality product for venues using Matterport images that feed directly into our platform, it was a natural decision to fuse the two technologies together and bring a joint product to market quicker than ever before.”

As a Matterport partner,  Allseated uses a Matterport Pro2 camera to capture venues in 3D at 4k resolution. The resulting digital twin isn’t a diagram or a model. It’s an immersive, full-color, high-resolution replica of the actual space, and it includes spatial data and measurements. 


The Benefits of Matterport Virtual Tours for Venues

Matterport technology combined with Allseated’s capabilities gives the ability to create virtual venues. Allseated gives venues a way to showcase their event spaces and book events without the need for onsite meetings.

To date, the partnership with Matterport has driven:

  • 30 percent increase in sales for Allseated hospitality clients investing in digital twin-based virtual venue tours and space planning tools. 


  • 60 percent greater operational efficiency for venues and event professionals who save 2.5 hours in time spent diagramming and managing day-of setup errors. For example, if they normally pay $20 per person per hour on day of for set up, the time saved using Allseated leads to a savings of $45-50 per person per event, which leads to a savings of at least $6-7K per year. 


  • More accurate space dimensions and visual details, resulting in fewer event planning mistakes and an optimal experience for event attendees

Allseated floorplans for venues are more likely to work smoothly.

A venue’s legacy floorplans are often outdated if architectural changes were made over time, especially if walls were added or removed.

Because Matterport cameras capture spatial data and measurements in addition to imagery, Allseated can produce its own accurate floorplans from the digital twins. 

“Before we created Allseated, many mistakes were made when planning events,” Hammer says. “Sometimes event professionals learned the hard way that it wasn’t possible to fit 400 people into a space or that the doors weren’t wide enough to move the rental furniture through. Now with our tools and Matterport together, we can see these sorts of things in advance.”

How To Get Started with Allseated VISION Matterport 3D Software

It’s really easy to get your venue set up with Allseated VISION for virtual venue tours using Matterport Technology!

The simple process is as follows:

Step 1: Speak with Allseated sales

Step 2: Once the contract is signed, Allseated arranges  a photographer to come to your venue and do the scans

Step 3: Allseated begins modeling process of the spaces using the scans

Step 4: Delivery of product and on-boarding trainings  

allseated floorplan


The Event Planning Benefits Of Allseated For Venues

Venues that already have Matterport Scans for virtual tours can still get on board with Allseated to utilize all of the additional features offered by Allseated for planning events.

The scans can be integrated into Allseated so that venues have access to designing event floorplans within the venue’s layout, virtually touring it in 3D, creating proposed layouts for prospective clients, adding a virtual tour widget to it’s website, and much more.

When venues virtually bring clients into an event space using Allseated VISION, they are also able to design event layouts to-scale while working collaboratively throughout the planning process.

Allseated’s floorplan design tools (Allseated OPS) provides venues and event professionals the ability to design event layouts using a wide variety of tables, chairs, tabletop decor, and tens of thousands of other objects, in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, from the Allseated library. While the design is in 2D, the floorplan can be viewed in 3D for virtual walkthroughs and tours. 



Virtual tours are the ULTIMATE selling tool.

Showcase spaces, plan virtually, and book more events.

Instead of traveling to a venue, event professionals and prospective clients can design an event remotely using Allseated event floorplan software. The technology runs in a web browser and is cloud-based, so clients don’t have to download or install anything. 

“Event planners and their clients can remotely design and explore the venue while walking around and making changes in real-time. We provide an immersive experience all from the comfort of your couch,” says Sandy Hammer, CMO and Co-founder, Allseated. 

Founded in 2012, today Allseated has 85,000 planners and more than 40,000 event venues in its network, and it handles more than a thousand events every day. 

The company’s clients attest to the value. “Allseated VISION has given us a way to virtually bring clients into our event space no matter where they are in the world. This powerful technology was easy to implement and has already proven to be an invaluable sales tool for our venue,” says Michael Stavros, Partner and Director of Business Development at M Culinary Concepts.

“In 2012, we were in black and white. In 2014 we were in 3D. In 2016, we started with Matterport and now offer digital twins for hyper-realistic immersive sales and marketing tools of venues,” Hammer says. “How cool is that?”