Exhilarating Developments Are Happening At AllSeated!


AllSeated is innovating faster and further than ever before!

It used to be that we could only really advance when the market was ready to take a new step forward. But now, for the first time ever, event technology and the event market are in alignment – this unique moment in time is beyond exciting for us at AllSeated!

As a technology company, we view innovation as a lifelong journey – never a destination. We keep our development efforts open at all times, and we constantly push ourselves to bring new levels of amazing to the event market. Not only do we monitor the pulse of where the market is going, but we actually help drive the market in profoundly new directions. We push the envelope every day to create and apply the most advanced technologies, ultimately making the best possible events a reality!

The results of our obsession include incredibly powerful tools like the industry-first “360 RealPlans-3D” together with the event industry’s only true virtual reality capability! By bringing the collaborative realism of virtual reality to event planning, AllSeated is enabling the event community to recoup the biggest ROI in the history of event technology.

We’ve pioneered a game-changing revolution in the event industry – make sure to watch for a very exciting ending to 2017, and get ready for a 2018 that is going to BLOW YOU AWAY!