Event Spotlight: NYC Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off

In our event spotlight this week is the NYC Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off.
Thanks to Sol Orwell for sharing this awesome fundraising event with us including why he loved using AllSeated for the planning!

On November 4 2017, we hosted the NYC Charity Chocolate Chip Cookie Off. This event was a collision course of the following:

  • A ridiculous amount of cookies (33 different and unique takes)
  • Wondrous people (100 entrepreneurs)
  • Journalists (40+ across the spectrum of health, food, and business)
  • A marvelous cause (She’s the First, which educates girls in developing countries)

Collectively, over $30,000 was raised with over 1000 chocolate chip cookies donated to the Bowery Mission (no food wasted!)


A smorgasbord of cookies

With under 75 days to make this happen, 33 bakers and pastry chefs generously donated their cookies to the event.

Everyone voted for their top five favorite chocolate chip cookies, and then as a bonus, everyone also voted for the cookie they thought was the most interesting.

To learn more about the NYC Chocolate Chip Cookie Off including the cookies that were donated and the winners that were selected, visit this link.  

Why we loved using AllSeated:

The issue for me became the planning as I was extensively traveling before this event and I really needed a collaborative and effective way of organizing the event with the rest of my team.

AllSeated made the planning process so much easier and less stressful! I was able to collaborate within my AllSeated account with the Strand Bookstore and volunteers so that everyone was on the same page regarding the set up and details before the day the of the event. The planning we did within AllSeated allowed the actual day of the event to run smoothly.

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