Event Industry Then Vs. Now with Michael Cerbelli

We recently asked our AllSeated Ambassadors to talk to us about how the event industry has evolved over their years in the business.

Here is what Michael Cerbelli of Cerbelli Creative had to say!

What’s your fondest industry memory from when you first started?

I began my career in the event industry as disc jockey. My fondest memory from when I started this journey has to be when I was loading my mother’s Cadillac with milk crates that were filled with the vinyl records I brought with me from one gig to another. Back then I was making about three or four hundred dollars per gig.

I spent the early years of my career watching and learning, taking it all in as I worked. So much was learned in those years that have helped me to become who I am today.

What’s the biggest difference that you see then vs. now?

Probably the biggest difference that I see now as compared to when I first started in the event industry is the level of collaboration. In the past, it was considered TABOO to share your database be it what you use, who you use and/or how you use it. People in the industry today are so much more open to sharing their vendors and ideas.

How are clients different today?

Clients have become smarter over the years. They are better able to educate themselves and expand what they know about the event industry and event planning through the use of social media and the internet.

“They get it, they see it, they know how to get it!”

Clients today may not always respect certain event business costs and expenses as they may have access to the same resources we do. However, the truly “smart client” understands the value of what event pros can do and that is so important.

Out of all of the technology available, what attracted you to AllSeated?

I was attracted to AllSeated for the simplicity and intuitiveness of their platform and tools! AllSeated helps me to make decisions much quicker without having to use a complicated CAD program. The collaborative tools that AllSeated provides for creating floorplans (and now the VR!) are truly game changers for event planning, really simplifying the process and providing efficiency across the board.

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