Event Companies During Pandemic: Fantasy Sound Event Services

As we continue to move forward during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s been important to us to stay connected and in touch with the event pros in our industry. Kevin Dennis, Owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, was a panelist during one of the Connecting Our Community webinars in the spring. We checked in with him recently to see how his business has been since we last spoke during the webinar.

About Fantasy Sound Event Services: For over 30 years, Fantasy Sound Event Services has served the Livermore Valley Wine Country. They offer a variety of services ranging from Disc Jockey, Videography, Event Lighting, Décor, and Photo Booth.

How has your business been for you since we last spoke to you a few months ago during the Connecting Our Community Webinar?

Unfortunately, there have been no changes here in the Bay Area, so the business has been rough. We’re still focusing on virtual events and keeping our fingers crossed that we will be receiving guidelines from the state soon for a return to weddings.

What have you noticed from your clients overall as we continue to navigate the pandemic this summer?

The majority of our clients are still focused on postponing instead of canceling, which we really appreciate. Back in March many of our clients postponed to the fall of 2020, but since we are still not allowed to have events, they are postponing again. There has been a handful who have chosen to have a small outdoor ceremony on their original dates but celebrate at a later date, and it’s been fun to be involved in those!

How do you see the fall and winter shaping up for the industry?

Speaking for my local industry…it doesn’t really look like there will be much change, unfortunately. We’re still awaiting guidelines from the state on a return to weddings. There’s been a bit of conflict as restaurants in our area are open for outdoor dining, and some have been producing ceremonies with a celebratory dinner to follow…so why can’t wedding venues be doing the same thing?

What positives have you possibly noticed this summer in business / the industry?

Without events we’ve had some more free time, so we’ve been able to tackle projects that have been on the to-do list for years! Our warehouse has never been cleaner or more organized.

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