Double Header Mitzvah Party Spotlight

As we continue to move through the COVID-19 Pandemic, social distancing and outdoor event spaces remain top of mind when planning events during this time.

Melisa Imberman of The Event of A Lifetime recently planned a Bar Mitzvah using Allseated’s Physical Distance Tool to ensure layouts met distance guidelines.

Below she shares the details from the planning process.

bar mitzvah spotlight

My client was initially planning to keep their fall Bar Mitzvah service date as scheduled while waiting for Spring 2021 to celebrate. After learning, however, of the mini mitzvah’s that I’ve planned recently, my client decided to host the events after the service rather than wait for the spring to celebrate.

We had six weeks to transform my client’s backyard into not one, but two celebrations (which we labeled a doubleheader to go with the Bar Mitzvah boy’s baseball theme).

Allseated was instrumental in planning out the placement of physically distant tables as well as assisting with the quick turning over of the tent for the second party.

A luncheon for family and friends followed the morning Bar Mitzvah service.

When guests arrived, the first stop was a Welcome table with logo masks and hand sanitizers, escort cards, and sign in.

The seating arrangements placed each family at a different table. Guests remained seated until their table was called to go up to the buffet. While seated, guests listened to music, heartfelt speeches, and watched the montage. The luncheon was two hours which was the perfect amount of time for gathering without dancing or formalities (there was no horah candle lighting).

event floorplan

tented event

A Bar Mitzvah kids party took place in the evening. For this evening event, we repurposed the same tent, just changing out the large tables for hi-tops and smaller tables. Although at the time of the party we were permitted to have 50 guests for an outside event,  we kept the guest list to the bar mitzvah boys pod. Since all kids invited had already been socializing together, we were able to have a DJ and dancing (this was my first party to plan with dancing since last March!), a photo booth, and corn hole.

event floorplan evening

outdoor bar mitzvah

I brought in a great food truck that’s known for the selection of toppings they offer on items such as cheesesteaks, hot dogs, hamburgers & tater tots. We also had an ice cream truck with options such as brownies, cookies, churros, cannolis, and sundaes.

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