Current Ways To Plan Your Honeymoon


Traditional honeymoons and their planning strategies are changing!

If you are currently planning your honeymoon, you are doing so during a time when honeymoons are constantly changing shape.

Apparently there’s the quitting your job type of honeymoon trends right now as well as the minimoon concept,  adventurous excursion, and even theme park trips too!

While the traditional idea of a honeymoon vacation is still in play, couples are choosing out-of-the-box concepts as well as new honeymoon planning strategies.

To help guide you through the current ways to plan your honeymoon, here are the top three things to consider to get you started.

The Wedding Registry

The role of the wedding registry now involves more than just your wish list of household items. Your registry can include your honeymoon too! Rather than focusing solely on household items you need, couples today are looking to have their wedding registry work double time.

A registry site like Zola offers wedding registries that allow couples to register for honeymoon-specific things. For example,  $1000 towards round trip airfare or hotel stay! Also, their cash funds will only charge the typical 2.5% credit card processing fee. Be sure that you read the fine print on whatever honeymoon fund or cash fund service you use to ensure you don’t get jipped.

Browsing through options in a honeymoon-specific wedding registry site will also help spark some new ideas. Unique options such as “whale watching,” “fishing charter,” and “couples yoga” may be ideas you never thought of and of interest to you!

Your Budget

According to Credit Donkey, the average couple spends between $4,000 and $5,000 on their honeymoon. However, average stats can prove unhelpful at times.

To play it safe and simple, plan as though your guests will not be contributing towards your honeymoon. Plan and budget your spending based upon what you can afford as a couple, which means AFTER accounting for all wedding-related expenses.

This will keep your honeymoon planning realistic and on budget. And then, if you receive gifts towards your honeymoon, it’s an added bonus!

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