Event Food Trends: Street Food Experience


We love learning about the latest event trends, especially when it comes to the food. Thierry Isambert Culinary and Event Design shares their experience with the “street food” trend!

This past event season we saw a rise in interest and demand for street food at events.

Super fine dining with white-gloved waiters in bow ties has taken a back seat to the street food genre, which naturally encompasses the current trends of local and sustainable while reflecting a diverse array of popular cuisine from around the world.

Street food brings a more casual experience which more and more guests are leaning towards,” says Thierry Isambert’s chef, Michael Finizia. “Small plates, or street food Items, can be eaten on the go, which is ideal for social and corporate events where guests prefer to stand and snack while mingling, rather than being confined to a table.”

A hot ticket item for weddings, social and corporate events alike, is our Teppenyaki Bar, featuring Skirt Steak Medallions with Truffle Wafu Sauce, or Lemongrass Kafir Lime Chicken Medallions served with Quinoa Salad, Japanese-style Risotto and Seared Vegetables.

Other favorites are our Stir Fry Asian Station, and our Greek Themed Station, serving freshly carved and made-to-order Gyros which can be doused in tasty sauces like Tzatziki, Mint Sauce and Roasted Pepper Sauce. Our chefs make the food to order, which truly reflects the authentic street food experience, and also offers an interactive experience for guests who get to talk with the chefs directly and observe their dish being prepared to their liking.

Asian Stir Fry

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The whole ‘street food’ experience is very sociable and interactive,” says Michael Finizia. “It is also exciting to see people be more adventurous, exploring new tastes and flavors from around the world,” adds Michael. We are serving Asian Stir Fry, Arepas, Mexican Corn on the Cob, Bao Buns, Gourmet Tacos, Gyros and small plates of Spicy Indian fare, because in countries where these items originate, street food is the norm. In the luxury catering business, the street food concept offers ethnic fusion on a high-end level, our chefs take street food to another level for an exciting, adventurous and exotic dining experience.

This year we catered a huge corporate event for an international client. We recreated a real street fair ambiance in an urban production studio backlot. The decor was really beautiful, we brought in small trees and furniture, and draped strands of bistro lights across the venue.  Guests ordered their food from actual food trucks and carts and everyone loved it!

Another example of the street food catering concept was at a recent, very lavish wedding we catered. This couple opted for a romantic, vintage-industrial decor at a chic urban venue. Although vintage farm tables were beautifully set with name cards and cascading bouquets, guests got up and ordered their meals from our various food stations.  Traditional Argentinian and Brazilian comfort food was served in honor of the bride and groom who were born and raised in Brazil and Argentina respectively. This was a fun way to honor their cultural origins.

Three to five years ago we would never have spoken about ramen. Now it seems there are ramen or pho restaurants all over,” says Chef Michael Finizia. “Whether street food is here to stay, or only a passing fad, it’s a great way to experience different cultures through their cuisine.”

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