Creating Event Content Marketing Amidst the Coronavirus


When you’re putting out content in the middle of any crisis, you need to be extra cautious about how it will sound to your audience. COVID-19 is impacting everyone, but it’s not a reason to stop creating content — you just need to tread lightly. You want your current and future clients to see your business as a pillar of strength and support now more than ever. Meaning, your content marketing strategy should be both strategic and sensitive.

At this point, the resounding message for small businesses—especially those in the event industry—is that we are still doing business, but that we are doing it a bit differently per national and local guidelines. We may be providing different services or products currently, but we need to show our audiences why we’re experts in the industry and how we can help them navigate their way through this pandemic.

If you’re still wondering what the heck you should be posting during these confusing times, here are a few suggestions for developing content that is factual, on-brand, respectful of your clients, and filled with positivity. 

Curate instead of creating.

You don’t have to know everything about COVID-19 to be a resource to your event industry audience. We’re event professionals, not health experts. In an evolving situation like this, information coming from all directions — it can be challenging to know what to share and more importantly, what not to share. 

To support your followers, show up from a place of empathy and a desire to serve through sharing other people’s content. Commit yourself to be a curator of factual information from helpful and reliable resources such as the World Health Organization during this time of crisis. This is an easy way to keep your feed going while also increasing the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor that is so critical in client satisfaction. 

Develop relevant content for clients.

We are all in crisis mode as we try to figure out what the next step is for any of us. Think about the big questions and uncertainties faced by your current and future clients. What do they need to know right now in terms of COVID-19? 

Consider creating resources designed specifically for them, like a checklist on how to reschedule a wedding or a virtual walkthrough of your venue. Write a blog post about how to plan a virtual bridal shower or turn existing wedding plans into an intimate weekend elopement. On a similar note, you can also share resources like online meditation apps or online yoga videos to help combat the inevitable anxiety that comes with planning an event amidst a global pandemic.

Lean on your FAQs.

You’re going to get a lot of questions throughout this crisis, so take advantage of your FAQs and update them as needed. If you’re relaxing your cancellation policy, add a note to your existing FAQs or, better yet, add a specific section for COVID-19 questions. This is a quick way to get answers directly to your audience, while also providing you with brief points that you can turn into long-form content, like a blog post or webinar. Then, you can link that long-form content to your FAQs for followers to review on their own time.

Keep an ear out for any crisis-related questions that hit your inbox and add them to your FAQs as soon as possible because there’s a good chance other people are wondering the same thing. Consider reaching out to your creative partners to see what kinds of questions they’ve fielded.

This pandemic is unprecedented and none of us know what tomorrow will bring. As the crisis changes, your content strategy must be adapted and modified to be effective. Remember: As long as your content is tasteful and tactful, you’re good to go.

Kinsey Roberts is a wedding venue educator, marketer, co-owner of Vista View Events, as well as a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society. She’s dedicated to helping women dominate their market and diversify their revenue streams through, She Creates Business, a  podcast and online shop for wedding professionals. You can also catch her as a co-host on The Venue Podcast which helps venue owners navigate trials and tribulations within the event industry. 

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