Connecting Our Community: Webinars and Event Industry Resources

During this unprecedented time of crisis, it is our true desire for Allseated to be a platform where we can voice positive thoughts and help our industry stay calm and get through this together.

In order to do this, we have asked industry associations and anyone who wants to channel a positive, helpful, educational message to our very large community to share links to their scheduled sessions so that we can add them to our weekly webinar newsletter to keep you informed. I highly recommend taking the time to learn from and hear from as many people as possible to inspire us all during this time.

Allseated has created a new webinar series titled “Connecting Our Community”

We believe that bringing event professionals from our industry together for webinars to share their stories and hold informal discussions will help our industry stay focused on business and remain hopeful. The positive reinforcement and feeling of we are in this together can only help us all as a community.

Upcoming Webinars (new webinars will be added weekly):

March 24: Impact of Corona Virus On Your Event Business with Michelle Loretta

March 25: Connecting Our Community: Panel Discussion with Kristin Banta, Dave Merrell, Kate Patay, Michael Cerbelli, Michael Stavros, and Joann Roth Oseary

March 30: Connecting Our Community: Catering Panel Discussion with Robin Selden, Jeffrey Selden, Meryl Snow, Albert Manzo, Salina Mitchell, Clint Elkins, and Joann Roth Oseary 

April 1: Event PR Strategies During The Coronavirus with Meghan Ely

Upcoming webinars with ICA:

Upcoming Webinars with WIPA

Upcoming Webinars with NACE

COVID-19 Articles of Interest Written By Event Professionals:

We compiled event industry articles written by event pros that may be helpful during this time.

Yes, We Will Come Back  via Meryl Snow

COVID-19 info For Caterers  via SB Value

5 Tips For Florists To Help Florists Handle Effects of COVID-19  via Curate

How Are Event and Meeting Professionals Spending Their Time in the Wake of COVID-19? via BizBash

Public Relations Strategies For Event Pros During COVID-19 Crisis via Special Event

Prep Your Wedding Business For Coronavirus via Wedding Pro

Online Wedding Business Summit COVID-19 via Wedding Academy Global

COVID-19 Email Templates For Wedding Planners via Refine For Wedding Planners



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