Complete Guide To Candy Buffets


Candy buffets were once reserved solely for casual children’s birthday parties, but not anymore!

The trend towards candy buffets has us rethinking everything. Candy buffets are sweeping the world of events, popping up at weddings, Mitzvah’s, anniversary celebrations, corporate events and of course, birthday parties.

Though candy buffets can look daunting to set up, there are a few tried and true rules for candy buffets that make it a breeze. Plus they make a great, unique dessert option for your guests!

Quick Tips To Remember For Candy Buffets:

Table Size & Placement.

Consider and include the table size and placement of your candy buffet table when creating your floorplan layout. Remember, your event floorplan should include all tables, furniture, and objects needed at your event – not just the tables where your guests will be seated!

You Need A Table Linen.

Remember that your candy buffet table will need a linen which you may want to coordinate to your event’s color scheme. Take into consideration the color scheme of your candy as it relates to your event color scheme when deciding upon the right color for your candy buffet linen.

Is Your Event Indoors Or Outdoors?

Consider the location of your event. Is this an indoor or outdoor event? This is in an important factor for candy buffets in terms of the candy selection. An outdoor event in a warm climate may mean you avoid any type of candy (LIKE CHOCOLATE!) because it may melt.

Who Is Handling Set-Up?

Who will be responsible for setting up your candy buffet? Is this a DIY project or will bring in an outside company to handle the candy buffet? Are you expecting your venue to set it up for you? Remember to discuss this topic with your venue contact in advance as they may have rules about bringing in outside candy to your event. If they are willing to set your candy buffet up for you, this may require you to drop off the candy buffet items in advance as well as instructions on candy buffet layout. Again, discuss this with your venue contact to avoid any confusion.

Wrapped or Unwrapped?

Wrapped candy, Unwrapped candy or a mix of both? Aside from thinking about chocolate that may melt, you may wish to consider your guest list when deciding upon the type of candy you will have available in your candy buffet. If you are expecting a lot of young adults, they tend to grab candy without using the pretty tongs you provide which may impact your decision regarding the type of candy you serve.

Thanks to Shari’s Berries for creating this candy buffet visual guide below to help you even further through the candy buffet design and layout process. Remember to Pin It for future use!


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