Clever Ways To Get Event Invites Noticed!


While there are many elements of an event that you can control, guaranteeing a crowded room is not one of them.

Thankfully with powerful promotion vehicles like email marketing, you can increase the attention to your event invite.

Let’s find out how to get your event invites noticed!

Out-of-the-box subject lines

Email inboxes are constantly bombarded with mass amounts of email invitations, special promotions, generic newsletters and more.

This makes an event planner’s job that much harder! To increase both event attendance and email open rates, event professionals must think outside the typical subject lines in order to get their event invites noticed!

When crafting your next subject line, consider your own thoughts and feelings towards it. If it doesn’t sound exciting enough for you to open in your own inbox, rework it.

Also, don’t be afraid to use eye-catching elements like emojis in your subject line to draw more attention to your email. Consider using a controversial tone to your subject line (if appropriate) just to drum up even more interest.

Provide them with more than an invite

People love content they can relate to and learn from. So, when presenting your event invite, do so in a way that entertains and informs (rather than promotes) and your guests will eat it up!

For example, if your event is going to have a featured guest, you can include a short interview in your event invite.

When you lead with this type on content, you can build up anticipation with your attendees which entices them to  RSVP. The same could be done with a special feature or announcement!

Learn from the past

Study previous events to learn what worked and what didn’t in order to better cater to your guests. This includes everything from website analytics, social media engagements, and advertisements.

The analytics, statistics, and feedback you have received will give you the insight you need to deliver a fun and memorable experience.

It’s important to remember to put as much time and energy into promoting your events as you do planning them. Paying attention to the little details with personalization will not only make your guests feel warm and fuzzy, but also ensure a successful event.