Catersource 2016- A Note From Sandy

What an amazing week at Catersource in Vegas this year!


For three years we have been coming to Catersource and talking about the need to embrace technology. Today I can honestly say that it’s finally really happening! We are seeing tens of thousands of companies using not only our technology but finding other tools as well to successfully grow their businesses. They are embracing collaboration and understanding the core values in order to become even more efficient and productive through the use of technology.


I am very proud to take a very small part in this change and promise you that my team and I will continue innovating and driving new ideas, through technology, to make our amazing event industry become digital and part of the 21 century!

AllSeated will expand, grow and educate. We will close gaps and create one network for everyone that wants to connect.

sandy and deniel

In the next few months we are launching an educational series covering all vendor categories aiming to bridge the many gaps we have between vendors and our Millennial wedding couples.


We are very happy to get as many people involved as possible in this important project so if you think that you have a problem to be solved or a solution to be heard please contact me!

Change as we know can be hard but you have proven that we can make a change, showing us that we will keep moving forward……You are all amazing!

Thanks, Sandy