Allseated Wedding Spotlight


We are excited to bring you another Bridal Spotlight post as part of our AllSeated Bridal Spotlight series!

Today’s featured bride is Tiffany. Tiffany was married recently in South Florida. Her reception took place at Lake Pavillion, a beautiful venue located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

bridal spotlight tiffany

The interesting twist to this Bridal Spotlight feature is that Tiffany is not only an AllSeated bride but the Vice President of Business Development for Atlas Party Rental in South Florida!

We really enjoyed speaking with Tiffany to hear the wonderful details about her special day along with her thought on using AllSeated. Since Tiffany works within the event industry, it was super interesting to hear her take on our product and tools!

Tiffany’s Top Three Favorite Reasons For Using AllSeated:

I loved being able to arrange my guests at each table and actually see the layout throughout the process.

The visual aspect of planning a seating chart is so important because it helps you to actually see things you may not have realized about your seating arrangements. I was able to make changes so easily and play around with my tables as much as I wanted — such a different (and better!) experience than using a pen and paper to get seating charts accomplished!

tiffany wedding

It was so great to learn that my planner was already using AllSeated for her other events!

She was really knowledgeable about the product and tools which made working with her on my floorplan and seating that much easier and more enjoyable.

I liked that I could see a full blown floorplan of my venue, including the outside portion.

This made my wedding day really come to life in advance and help me to envision what my affair would look like.

tiffany wedding

We would love to learn more about our AllSeated wedding couples! If you used AllSeated recently and want to share your special day with us and possibly be featured in a Bridal Spotlight post, please email

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