Allseated Wedding Spotlight: Danielle

We have a new feature on the blog, a Bridal Spotlight!

Every so often, we will be featuring an AllSeated bride which gives her the opportunity to show off her beautiful affair as well as provide us with insight into how she felt about using AllSeated to plan her wedding.

This month’s featured AllSeated bride is Danielle. Danielle used AllSeated for her wedding which took place recently at Benevento in South Florida.

Danielle was kind enough to share the highlights from her special wedding day along with her thoughts about using AllSeated.

What did you think of using AllSeated as part of your wedding planning process?

1) I loved seeing the floor plans and seating arrangements come to life! Being able to see my floor plans and actually place my guests at the tables made the process so much easier and definitely more fun. Sometimes it can be really hard to visualize a layout or try to figure out how to seat guests. Using AllSeated eliminated that problem which also saved me a ton of time in getting this part of the wedding planning process accomplished.

2) Collaboration is Key. I loved that I was able to give my mom and my best friend access to my AllSeated account so that they could help me determine where certain guests should sit. Being able to work online with my friends and family was great.

3) Guest List tracking and reports. It was so easy to keep things organized by tracking my guest list and RSVP responses within my AllSeated account. Also, I loved that I was able to generate a report for my invitation calligrapher when it was time to provide her with the guest information in order to prepare the invites and to make place cards.

Here’s a look at Danielle’s floor plan in 3D from Danielle’s AllSeated account:


Danielle selected a beautiful color scheme involving various shades  of pink which were highlighted in the flowers and decor as well as on the wedding cake.

There was also a groom’s cake which is rising in popularity. Groom’s cakes usually entail details which reflect the hobbies and interests of the groom. Alan’s cake was all about the New York Yankees!


Thank you Danielle for sharing your special day with us!

We want to hear from you and see your beautiful affair! If you would like to be featured in AllSeated’s bridal spotlight, please email us at