Notre Dame Themed Bar Mitzvah Event Spotlight



Melisa Imberman of The Event of a Lifetime has that special eye and creative mind to make her clients’ vision’s come to life. With the help of Allseated, Melisa planned a Notre Dame-themed Bar Mitzvah which also incorporated hockey into the event.


Event Details

The party was held at a large indoor sports facility to secure plenty of space for guests to move around and enjoy the interactive offerings. With a blank canvas and an outpouring of ideas, Melisa began transforming the event space to incorporate all the details of every kid’s dream sports party.

As guests entered the space, they were greeted with banners, directional signs, a sign-in locker, and a life-size cutout of Davis playing goalie on the escort table. Notre Dame’s motto was incorporated with creative branding around the event, such as “Tailgate like a Champion Today” and “Drink like a Champion Today.”

Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour was held on an indoor turf field that was converted into a college tailgate, complete with branded tailgate tents, tables, and foldable chairs. During the cocktail hour, the guests were able to enjoy various games found at tailgates- Cornhole, Can Jam, and Spike Ball. Elevated versions of typical tailgate foods – burgers, hot dogs, cheesesteaks – were served and were a hit!




After the cocktail hour, the guests relocated to the basketball court, perfected with a sports bar vibe, and an excellent dinner and dancing and experience.

As guests entered the reception space, they were given rally towels that said “Play like a Champion Today,” and were used to wave around as Davis made his entrance to the dance floor. The dance floor was fully wrapped with the logo, “Dance like a Champion Today.”




The lounge area consisted of bleachers, three U-shaped food and drink stations, and a VIP lounge area with the branding “Play like a Champion Today”, “Party like a Champion Today”, and “Eat like a Champion Today.”

The adults were offered round tables to sit down at, complete with centerpieces that were the perfect combination of sophisticated yet on the theme.

During the Bar Mitzvah reception, various interactive offerings were enjoyed by guests, taking this party to the next level. Using Lidz Shot Guests were able to fully customize a hat with their choice of patches.  Also, a fully branded, three-sided Photo Booth, set with a hockey goal and hockey sticks inside, allowed guests to take photos and bring them home to help commemorate Davis’ special day.


Additionally, there was a live goalie in front of a goal, where guests had the opportunity to take a shot at the net. This was super engaging and interactive for the guests, while really bringing the event vision to life.

In addition to offering transfer and airbrush tattoos, guests were offered Insta Tatts, mobile skin printing: the newest technology in tattoos. The attendant strolls around the party, guests choose a design, and it’s printed on your skin in moments.

A fantastic magician also wandered around the guests with his amazing sleight of hand and party tricks.

Party Favors

To remember this event of a lifetime, party favors were given out to each attendee. The favors included a sweatshirt with a 3D applique of Notre Dame’s logo modified with Davis’ initials and a two-tone backpack with a zipper pocket with the same logo.

The branded dance floor giveaways included trucker hats, Dri-fit shirts, beanies, and t-shirts shot out of a cannon.

As guests left they picked up branded water and Gatorade. They then visited a donut truck that was making mini gourmet donuts to order!


How Allseated Assisted in the Planning Process

Allseated played an important role in the planning process as there were two large spaces that needed event floorplan design and many vendors to manage. Also, all vendors needed to know where they were setting up, what they were responsible for bringing, and what would be there when they arrived. Since Allseated is a collaborative floorplan tool, vendor communication was simple and efficient.

Using Allseated’s color coding feature, Melisa colored all objects that the venue was providing in red to make things as clear and as organized as possible.




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