Bar Mitzvah Event Layout (event spotlight)

This Bar Mitzvah celebration was three and a half years in the making by Melisa Imberman of The Event of A Lifetime. It was initially postponed as a result of COVID, so it was very exciting to finally see the event come to life using Allseated’s floorplan tools.

Bar Mitzvah Details

Since the Bar Mitzvah boy’s last name is Topf, the theme was a fun play on words: “Topf Of His Game.” The event took place at an indoor sports center, with a fun cocktail hour on a turf field followed by dinner and dancing on the basketball court! 


Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a decorative “fall festival” entrance with hay bales and pumpkins. After walking through a locker room, they picked up their table numbers printed on baseball cards. 



Cocktail hour accompanied the fall festival theme as well. Drinks and appetizers were displayed on a vintage pick-up truck, cocktails were served from a rustic bar, and starry lights on the ceiling made it feel like the perfect autumn evening. Plus, a live acoustic band really completed the feel.


For dinner, the decor was a perfect combination of sporty yet elegant. Fun activities for guests included a fake tattoo parlor, skeeball, a photo booth, and a s’mores bar.



Allseated Floorplan 

When Melisa creates floorplans for events in Allseated, she likes to utlitize the table coloring feature to match the colors of the furniture. However, for this event floorplan, she decided to try out the feature in a new way

Since the venue was only providing some of the furniture that would be used for the event, Melisa color-coded the floorplan to be able to easily tell which furniture would come from the venue and which pieces wouldn’t. This way, the venue could see exactly where to put everything, and Melisa could keep track of what items she needed to rent. 

allseated-floorplan allseated-event-layout allseated floorplan


With the help of Allseated, the Bar Mitzvah party turned out to be a beautiful, fun celebration for the family and guests. 

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