Avoid Making These Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding


Wedding couples tend to make the same mistakes when planning their weddings. As detail-oriented as many wedding couples can be in their planning, there are a few top mistakes when planning that we often see couples make in the process.

We’ve listed these top mistakes when planning for you today so that you can be aware and plan accordingly!

1 – Failing to establish the wedding budget and guest list early on in the process.

If your goal is a smooth wedding planning process, the best thing you can do is to establish your wedding budget and your guest list from the start. It’s pretty much impossible to effectively plan your wedding without knowing how much money you have to spend and how many guests may be in attendance!

Think about it: You cannot select a venue that holds 100 people if you are inviting 250 and you cannot invite 250 guests if you cannot afford the per plate price, especially if you are also looking to contract vendors for décor and entertainment.

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2 – Not knowing how vendors wish to receive their final payments.

Each vendor requires payment in a different way at different times during the wedding planning process. Some vendors want a partial advance, others need to be paid in cash on the day of. Determining how each vendor wishes to receive their payments, including final payments, should be addressed early on rather than at the last-minute. No bride wants to be surprised by the financials, especially in the days leading up to the wedding.

Is it cash payment only? Certified check? Regular check? Due the day before the wedding or on the day of the wedding? Who does the payment go to? These are the planning details that need to be ironed out in advance.

3 – Expecting everything to go 100% according to the details outlined in your wedding planning.

No matter how diligent and detailed you are in your wedding planning, it’s unrealistic and unfair to yourself as a bride to expect everything to go 100% as planned! Remember, no one but you will know every single detail which means no one but you will likely notice anything that isn’t exactly how you envisioned. It’s best to relax, be proud of your planning and happy that your special day has arrived. Let everything else go and enjoy.


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