Anyone Can Use AllSeated – Including Kids!


One of the really cool things about AllSeated is that anyone planning an event can use it, including members of the AllSeated team — and their children!

A few months ago, Meredith shared a Mitzvah Planning Spotlight post which discussed how she was using AllSeated to plan her son’s Bar Mitzvah.

Meredith involved her son in the planning process and he absolutely loved using AllSeated. He had a major hand in the planning so we thought it would be fun to ask him to share his thoughts on what he loved most about using AllSeated to plan his Bar Mitzvah.

bar mitzvah

I felt involved in my own party.

Using AllSeated was super cool and fun to use. My mom invited me into the account so that I could see everything that was going on behind the scenes.

I was able to log in on my own to update the guest list. I added all of my friends’ names and addresses by myself so that my mom would have the list ready for the invitations.

As we received RSVP’s from my friends, I kept track of them myself in the RSVP section of our AllSeated account. It was really easy to use and update on a daily basis.

I also used the comment section to list the sweatshirt sizes for my friends.

We gave out sweatshirts as party favors and I wanted to make sure that my friends received the right sizes that would fit them perfectly. In the comments section next to each guest, I listed the sizes i wanted my friends to receive so that when my mom was ready to order the sweatshirts, she would have the right sizing for everyone invited.

The floorplan brought my party to life.

To be honest, I was nervous that I wouldn’t like the party room. I didn’t think that the venue my mother chose would make me happy until she showed me the layout of the tables and lounge furniture.


3D floorplan

Once I viewed the floorplan in 3D mode, I was so excited! The lounge furniture looked so cool and I loved being able to play with the layout.

AllSeated floorplan

The reports feature helped me see who was coming and who wasn’t.

I was able to generate reports whenever I felt like it just to see the accurate and up to date RSVP list.

We broke the guest list down into groups of family and friends which made it even more organized.

AllSeated reports

Mobile Check-In is so unique!

We skipped the traditional place cards in favor of using AllSeated’s mobile check-in which made me feel so cool. I haven’t seen a Bar Mitzvah party use mobile check-in yet which made my party even more special because we did something different.

My mom made this sign using one of my baby pictures to display on the table where we set up the IPads for the mobile check-in.

AllSeated mobile check in sign

My mom also explained to me that by saving money on not needing seating place cards, she was able to spend that money in other areas of my party, giving me the chance to have some other important things that I wanted for the party entertainment.

Once Meredith has the Bar Mitzvah pictures back from the photographer, she will be putting together a full Bar Mitzvah spotlight post together — we can’t wait to share it!

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