Announcing Partnership With FormDecor

AllSeated is excited to announce our furniture rental partnership with FormDecor! We’re continuing to grow our network of furniture rental company partners to offer users hundreds of pieces of custom furniture to use within their event floorplans!

Based in Southern California, FormDecor has elevated the standard of furniture rental by filling a glaring void of authentic modern furniture, impeccable business practices and an ever-changing, exciting inventory which has made FormDecor the “go to” resource for well-designed, flawlessly maintained furniture rental.

Announcing Partnership with FormDecor

AllSeated will be hosting over 300 pieces from FormDecor’s unique and colorful lounge furniture catalogue in our platform.

“Before our partnership with AllSeated, we weren’t able to provide our clients with scaled, 3D floorplans that included our rental items on a large-scale. Now many more clients are able to visualize their event ahead of the big day and we can work collaboratively to make updates to the floorplan and event design in real-time,” said Fritz Williams, President and Owner of FormDecor. “This is also a huge win for the entire FormDecor team. Finally, we have a tool to create to-scale floorplans in a matter of minutes! AllSeated is going to save us a ton of time.”

“We are extremely focused on building a powerful network that will benefit all our users,” said Sandy Hammer, Co-Founder & CMO of AllSeated. “So much planning and detail goes into creating every event with lots of focus placed on the scale and spacing within the floorplan. AllSeated has high quality 3D tools that are available with a click of a button. In less than a minute your clients will see your furniture come to life Visually being able to show your clients a floorplan with all your creative thoughts and designs is a guarantee winner for all involved!”