Announcing New AllSeated Ambassadors



We are thrilled to announce three new AllSeated Ambassadors who are joining our amazing family this month!

Michael Cerbelli, Dave Merrell, and Kate Patay come with years of experience in our industry, huge creativity and talent, but most of all, they all share a combined passion for technology and what AllSeated wants to create for our industry! 

They are driven to make change and advancements, bringing experiences to our industry that can drive us to new innovation — and help us drive even more business and success for all of us.

Michael Cerbelli

CEO / President, Cerbelli Creative

It takes big personalities to do big events – personalities as big as the events themselves. And Michael Cerbelli is that person; larger-than-life, charismatic and in charge. For over 40 years, Michael has done more than change the paradigm of prestigious happenings – Michael has become the paradigm.

If you know me, when I’m passionate about an act, a product, an “idea”, I love to sell it and share it with others. By a fluke, I was asked to go into the AllSeated program and redesign a room. At first, I did not really understand what I was doing, having never been in the system before. But, within 30 minutes, I created a wow – even the furniture rental company that invited me in to tweak was surprised at how quick and easy I did it – and we sold the idea to the client. AllSeated is intuitive, cutting-edge and has the technology that is needed for the Event Professional that we have been waiting to catch up to us for years. I am proud to say that I am an AllSeated Ambassador, helping to take our industry, truly, into the 21st century.”

Dave Merrell

CEO/Creative Director, AOO Events

Since its inception in 1989, David E. Merrell, CEO & Creative Director of AOO Events, has taken the event industry by storm. With a name synonymous with cutting-edge and innovative event design and production concepts, Merrell has transformed the market and captivated audiences worldwide.

“I am honored to be an ambassador for AllSeated.  I believe that the technology they have at their fingertips is going to be the future of how our industry sells the event to clients in the future.  I am excited to work with AllSeated to continue to expand and improve the capabilities and design library.”


Kate Patay

Chief Strategy Officer, Patay Consulting

Kate is an international speaker & consultant, former NACE national board member, SEPA Advisor and Lecturer at The International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas. She’s been a recognized industry professional for nearly 20 years in many facets of special events.

AllSeated is truly the future of event mapping and design, and a fabulous sales tool for properties and planners alike. I am thrilled to be aligned with such a forward thinking, yet approachable business and team that is dedicated to the success of our industry.”