Allseated Press Release: Announcing New AS Ambassadors

Press Release 

AllSeated Strengthens Ambassador Team To Further Drive Growth and Innovation in Events Industry 

Kristen Banta and Michael Stavros are joining the AS Ambassador team alongside Dave Merrell, Kate Patay, and Michael Cerbelli.

San Francisco, (January 21, 2020) — Allseated is thrilled to welcome Kristen Banta and Michael Stavros to the AS Ambassador team alongside Dave Merrell, Kate Patay, and Michael Cerbelli. Allseated is a community of industry professionals who appreciate technology and understand the positive impact it has on the way we work with clients to plan events.

Kristin Banta and Michael Stavros have years of experience in the event industry as well as incredible creativity and talent. Most of all, Kristin and Michael share a collective passion for technology and believe in how Allseated is transforming the event industry through the use of digital planning tools.

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Allseated, already the leader with innovative technology for the events visualization and planning space, is fortunate to power one out of every ten events in the United States through its robust collaborative events platform. “Having Banta and Stravos join our team of ambassadors is a huge benefit for us and the industry. The events community continues to demand evolving and innovative technology to help differentiate and grow their businesses. Banta and Stravos understand the power of showing their clients the full immersive experience and visualization of their event before it happens,” said Sandy Hammer, AllSeated CMO, and Co-Founder.

Kristin Banta Events is among the country’s leading event design, planning, and production houses, renowned for uniquely creative concepts & flawless attention to detail. “I am honored to be an ambassador for Allseated. I believe that the technology they have at their fingertips is going to be the future of how our industry sells the event to clients in the future.  I am excited to work with AllSeated to continue to expand and improve the capabilities and design library,” says Kristin Banta, Creative Director of Kristin Banta Events Inc.


Michael Stavros is Partner and Director of BizDev at M Culinary Concepts, an Arizona based, award-winning, conceptual hospitality brand. “The event design process works best when inspiration meets collaboration. Allseated is one of our industry’s leaders in connecting producers and designers with venues and suppliers. With multi-platform access and exciting features including virtual reality, Allseated is changing and enhancing the way we engage our clients…and win business! I am delighted to serve as an Allseated Ambassador, and I can’t wait to see what they offer next,” says Stavros.

Summing up, Yaron Lipsitz, CEO of Allseated comments, “As we continue to grow and develop event technology, having a strong and committed team of ambassadors assists us in generating awareness throughout the event industry. Our customers continue to report the amazing success our platform provides, and given that events are inherently so visual, we believe that our ride has only just begun! Kristin and Michael are successful, accomplished individuals and I am thrilled to have them join our team of Ambassadors”

About Allseated:

Allseated is the world’s most innovative floorplanning platform,  transforming the event industry with powerful intuitive visualization tools that allow clients to see and experience events before they happen. What previously existed only in an event professional’s imagination can now be visualized thanks to our unique array of tools providing for seamless collaboration and ultimate organization. With more than 100,000 to–scale floorplans and the resources to manage guest lists, arrange seating charts, design layouts in 2D and 3D, create virtual walkthroughs, timelines, designer tools, mobile check-in, and a dedicated customer loyalty team that’s available 24/7, we’re bringing technological innovation to event planning with a focus on helping our clients grow their businesses. That’s the power of imagining together.

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