AllSeated New Features

We are excited to announce two new Allseated features to assist you with creating floorplans!


It’s now possible to create custom groupings by placing items in the floorplan and then treating them as a group.

To create groups within a floorplan, place objects in the desired location in the floorplan, select the objects, and then click “Group”. The group can then be added to your menu which eliminates the need to recreate the group layout every time you wish to use it. Creating the custom design group also eliminates the need to recreate the group layout and then clone within the floorplan.

Creating custom groups is a major time saver!

Uploading a file:

You can now upload files to floorplans in the following formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PDF

To upload a file to a floorplan, first create a custom square, and then select “Upload File” in the options window. Once the file is uploaded, crop it to adjust the opacity, as desired.

Use the upload file feature to include logos within floorplans or any other desired details like legends, logos, contracts, and more!

Watch this video tutorial to learn more about how to make use of AllSeated’s new features: