Allseated Breaking Event Tech Boundaries Again With Launch of Allseated Connect Video Conferencing


Allseated is officially launching today the Allseated Connect Video Conferencing tool – a first of its kind communication suite that enables remote selling and planning of venue spaces and events virtually and collaboratively. With virtual interaction for venue selling and event planning becoming the new normal, Allseated Connect is solving a significant challenge for a changed industry. 

This is the first time in history that event professionals can meet with clients “in” a floorplan with a photorealistic 360 view to preview various layouts, make changes in real-time, and create an engaging, personal experience without being physically present in the space. Performing functions such as on-site visits, site inspections, walk-throughs, and pre-functions is now a click away. 

Daniel Anisman, Allseated co-founder and CTO, is thrilled to bring this product to market, especially in today’s environment. “The Allseated development team has always innovated with the event community in mind and as the reality of COVID-19 set, we realized that remote communication and collaboration can solve a whole new challenge. It was important for us to help the industry to continue to have a way to connect and communicate with their clients as they couldn’t meet in person. It was equally critical to offer these tools so that clients could feel connected and engaged with their planning experience.” Anisman and his development team all have gaming industry backgrounds, inspiring the design of easy-to-use products with an engaging user experience.

The Allseated Connect will be bundled with the Allseated Vision – a product that enables venues to showcase their spaces in a photorealistic way with dynamic layout virtual tours. The combined product offers an end-to-end solution to market, sell, plan and manage events over one platform. it’s just very natural to show a property, change its layout in real-time while communicating with clients in real-time – all by sending a web browser link (no download required) to take a tour.  

Allseated Vision is used by hundreds of properties today with an enormous business impact where venues report incremental remotely booked revenue in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per venue. “As we move into more challenging times, remote selling is going to be key” said Mindy Weiss of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants and member of Allseated’s Advisory Board. Mindy has watched Allseated build incredible tools for the market over the last few years. Weiss adds, “Allseated Connect will be incredibly important for us to showcase properties all over the world. My clients are not jumping on a plane right now and prefer to make quick decisions virtually. I need a tool that can take me into a realistic virtual event space that allows me to showcase layouts, make immediate changes to meet client needs, and thus, close that deal!” Weiss has been creating celebrity events all over the world for over 25 years and understands the world is changing. Being attached to Allseated allows the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology.

Weiss is thrilled to announce today that “Allseated is opening its Vision properties up to all planners! After a little pushing from me, Allseated agreed to allow the Vision properties to be open within Allseated for us to take our clients on virtual tours of the properties. This will keep the clients engaged and in touch, which is vital at this time!” Mindy Weiss is very influential in the events market and thrilled to help her planner community.

About Allseated:

Allseated is the world’s most innovative event planning platform, transforming the event industry with powerful intuitive visualization tools that allow clients to see and experience events before they happen. What previously existed only in an event professional’s imagination can now be visualized thanks to our unique array of tools providing for seamless collaboration and ultimate organization. With more than 100,000 to scale floorplans and the resources to manage guest lists, arrange seating charts, design layouts in 2D and 3D, create virtual walkthroughs, timelines, designer tools, mobile check-in, and a dedicated customer loyalty team that’s available 24/7, were bringing technological innovation to event planning with a focus on helping our clients grow their businesses. That is the power of imagining together.

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