A Note From Sandy on Allseated’s Evolution and Brand

Allseated was born over 7 years ago.

In early 2012, we went into our development stage for a year. We tested our product in the market with the help of some of the leading brands in the event industry, including one of the most iconic women of our time, along with some tremendously creative industry people. This initial group of “Allseated Testers” instantly became our family.

Allseated launched out of Beta over five years ago, and our family just keeps on growing. Many of you may recall how I knew every new customer that came on board with Allseated. I used to watch our internal counter of daily events and get so excited about every single new event being created on our platform. Today, one in every 10 events in the United States is created in Allseated! This fact alone remains mind-blowing to me!

To say we are proud goes beyond words and the overwhelming level of happiness over our accomplishments is beyond belief. We digitized an industry with simple tools made with gaming technology!

But something happened along the way. The technology kept getting stronger and our builders (Daniel and his team) kept innovating. So as the technology grew,  we too, as a company grew. We have grown our Allseated team today to over 70 people (if not more!). Our dedicated team works alongside us to make things happen.

With our new logo being launched as well as our new website and additional materials to come later this week, it’s easy to see who we have become — Allseated — Imagine Together — so fitting for our industry journey! We truly believe in your stories and our visual tools allow you for the first time to show clients what you see in your mind’s eye. How the venue works. The table settings and layout. The decor. The soft glow the lighting will create. The way an empty hall will be transformed into a magical setting for one unforgettable night. You have to bring them there. And with Allseated’s tools, you are able to help clients truly appreciate what you see in your imagination.

We are a culture of:








Our mission is simple – we push the boundaries of technology with our partners allowing them to create even better events while putting our energy and dedication into everything we do. 

When Allseated talks about core values, it’s important to understand that they came about and happened naturally for us as a company. Our core values were established from the beginning, and continue to grow from where they started. This is a process that occurs through our company culture and commitment, which is both transparent from within our company to our community.


When we wake up every morning we want a WOW we want to feel the WOW otherwise how can you feel the WOW – Do you feel the WOW?

When we enter the office and we talk to our community, we energize with creativity. We continue to push boundaries to bring that innovation and creativity to you — but you push back and bring it further into our company and lives! Everyone is CREATIVE!

We believe in continuous EDUCATION. We do this internally with our teams, allowing them to learn through courses and conferences, in addition to in-house education sessions. This helps to keep challenging the expanding our minds. We then share this knowledge and bring education to our community, through the help of our community too. We have produced the greatest webinars, joined panels and discussions, and will never stop learning and teaching. We sponsor scholarships and will continue to be part of some of the most incredible associations of our industry.

Our FAMILY is our highlight. The AllSeated family keeps growing, we as a company value everyone single person that helps build this company, every single person in our community that has become our family and helps us in so many ways – we never forget and we always appreciate it!

The level of EXCELLENCE comes from so many directions but is led by a true visionary and develops a standard of the absolute, underlying form of excellence that I truly feel comfortable in saying that nobody can compete! Our leader has a fierce control, but heavy respect for his team, that allows them to be innovative at the highest of levels.

We will always be TRANSPARENT, we will always give our users and community what they need. Our customer service and level of commitment to bring this transparency are shown by the level of dedication and support to our customers, services, customer success and most importantly, our level of operation.  Our customers will always get what they need.

And yes, SOME WEIRDNESS.  Fun is important.

Our core values haven’t changed since day one. But, our mission has grown. Our dedication and commitment to this industry have expanded, and that’s why our brand has evolved. 

A brand is a promise to your customers. It tells people what they can expect from your company, product, and services. Evolving a brand is about maturing, being clear and concise while offering quality, uniqueness, and differentiation.

As we present you today with our new brand, our new logo, our new mission statement, and our new website, we have still kept the consistency of who we are and what we stand for, but with just a stronger conviction and a stronger future of amazing things to come.

Our mission is simple. We want to push the boundaries of innovation into the future by using the latest technology to help our community easily share their imagination and visions to create more events. While at the same time, putting our energy and dedication into everything we do.

We hope that you love what we have done as much as we do. We hope you feel the growth and evolution, and feel a part of this journey with us. Most importantly, we hope that you continue to love what we do and will a stay part of our growing family — never let us stop developing and innovating for you!