A Note From Sandy: Embracing Millennials


Sandy Hammer,  AllSeated’s Co-Founder and CMO, shares her thoughts on millennials, adapting to industry changes and the excitement around where she thinks technology is headed for the event industry:

Perhaps it is the planner inside me but I love to think ahead. I enjoy trying to get a feel for what’s coming up next and contemplate what direction I should be taking as these aspects of my personality have played a tremendous role in my creative flow.

Lately I have come to believe that it’s equally as important to read the signs and signals of the people around you who may be thinking even faster or in another direction that we may not have otherwise considered. After I saw this announcement IT’S OFFICIAL: Millennials are now America’s largest living generation I felt an immediate reaction of — OH NO! — but then quickly changed my mind and decided that this was a good thing!

We often hear today that Millennials know everything and need to be in charge (see this link – a little scary and she gets 33 million views over a weekend!!!). It’s important that we not fight this trend but rather, not only adapt to this trend, use the energy and willingness of millennials to keep moving forward. I find this exciting!

Being surrounded in Technology for most of my career and now a co-founder of AllSeated, I am always thinking about where the future going. Being surrounded by gaming developers,  we talk a lot about 3D, Rending, Gaming and lately, everyone is hyped up about the Microsoft video release — It starts off by asking you to imagine being able to virtually teleport from one space to another! You have to watch it to believe it!!

I have watched this video release 100 times and can’t help but think how cool it would be for a venue, planner, caterer or anyone who wants to show a destination couple, or out of town member the catering hall or event space — or just have them in the office for a virtual cup of coffee!!

It is truly amazing where we can be in the next 5 years! It’s incredible to think that maybe as a planner, I can sit on my garden deck and virtually walk around an event via holograph transporter.

In any event, things are about to get even more exciting than ever before with incredible opportunities about to hit us in so many ways —

 I have a feeling the Millennials will use this technology for something else — probably dating!!!